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UAE, Samsung MoU aims to promote AI learning and adoption

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As the artificial intelligence (AI) race continues to gather steam, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is turning to high-level collaborations to provide a steady stream of talent for the nascent ecosystem.

According to an Edge report, the Gulf nation’s latest move is the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Samsung for two primary reasons. The first aim for both parties is to increase AI adoption metrics, while the second revolves around providing AI experts to bolster the ranks of local and international AI firms.

The UAE’s AI, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications Office is the running point for the UAE in the MoU, in line with its national AI strategy and lofty goals to be a global leader by 2031. On the other side of the divide, Samsung Gulf Electronics will provide technical support to achieve the goals of the MoU.

Samsung will infuse its Innovation Campus program with the nation’s AI Summer Camp to provide additional learning materials for attendees. Both entities will join forces in the coming months to roll out a Galaxy AI Pioneers program focused on young adults and high school students. Running for only a month, the Galaxy AI Pioneers program will offer attendees a wholesome introduction to AI, blockchain, machine learning, and coding with Python.

Under the AI vertical, the curriculum will run through the basics of natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, AI robotics, and deep learning. Per the MoU, the program will employ a hybrid learning system of online and classroom lessons while offering attendees practical, real-world experience.

Attendees will be required to develop their AI applications as a prerequisite to obtaining a UAE AI Office certification. While hailed as a forward-thinking move by both parties, critics argue that the extensive reliance on Galaxy AI features may stifle the horizon of participants.

“We are proud to partner with the UAE Office of AI to support the UAE’s ambitious vision for AI,” said DooHee Lee, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics. “Together, we will work to drive AI adoption in government, nurture local AI talent, and showcase how AI can be used as a tool for positive transformation.”

Education as the pillar

Since publicly revealing its national AI strategy in 2023, the oil-rich state has invested a fortune in deepening the talent pool via a raft of government-backed initiatives. At the start of the year, the government unveiled plans to establish a string of research centers across each Emirate backed by international student exchanges.

The investment in AI research and innovation is already yielding early benefits for the country with several localized large language models (LLMs) earning plaudits from pundits for their efficiency.

“Clearly, Falcon is part of the conversation around core foundational models,” said Kevin Miller, AWS Vice President for global data centers, regarding a UAE-based model. “That alone tells you there’s a lot of capability in the Middle East to build game and world-changing technical capabilities.”

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