Twitch ditches BTC, BCHABC crypto payment options

Twitch ditches BTC, BCHABC crypto payment options

There are many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and proponents that have wondered when major companies will adopt cryptocurrency as an option when it comes to paying for goods and services. While major platforms such as YouTube have not allowed individuals to tip their content creators in cryptocurrency, that hasn’t been the case with Twitch. However, it appears that Twitch no longer allows individuals to pay for their subscriptions with Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC).

The subscriptions were made available through BitPay, a popular cryptocurrency payment processor which is known for being an early factor in the cryptocurrency space. A Reddit user pointed out that both BTC and BCHABC were no longer an option when it comes to paying for Twitch subscriptions. Some responded to the news, stating that they would cancel their Twitch subscriptions in protest.

Twitch silently removed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for subscriptions
by u/f7ddfd505a in btc

This isn’t the first time that a Reddit user has pointed out developments when it comes to cryptocurrency payments and Twitch. Just several days ago, a different user pointed out that Streamlabs, which makes it easier for users to tip content creators with crypto, has removed the option of donating with cryptocurrency, and even answered in an e-mail that it is not currently looking to change that.

Twitch is an extremely popular platform that was purchased by Amazon back in 2014, when the average user was spending 100 minutes on the site. It has since grown tremendously, with many high-profile content creators even switching from YouTube (owned by Google) to Twitch over the years, for various reasons. Twitch now boasts a staggering 140 monthly unique viewers, and over 400 billion minutes of content were viewed in 2018 alone.

Twitch has not commented on the changes or developments, although a logical conclusion would be that not enough users were paying subscriptions in cryptocurrency for the company to justify continuing the practice. Regardless, a Twitch creator by the name of Sick Nerd was given over 70,000 in BTC in donations just several months ago.

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