Trollin’, Trollin’, Trollin’ on the Twitter

Not new is it? But in the Bitcoin world its getting worse which is a pity as things should be in a pretty good place right now. Bitcoin Cash has got off to a good start, yes, there’s been ups and downs (literally) but no launch of anything has ever gone perfectly and Bitcoin is at a record high.

Recently, we featured a series of interviews with Dr Craig Wright and the reactions were fascinating. All the positive stuff was in relation to the actual substance of what he was saying and all negatives were bitter, personal attacks. In that exact vein, last year Blockstream somebody set up a Twitter account under the name of @RealCraigWright.

Its like when somebody says “I hate Led Zeppelin,” and you inquire why and the feedback is: “Because Jimmy Page has long hair.” The length of Mr Page’s hair is not an analysis of Led Zeppelin and so…you get the point.

Oh come on its just a bit of fun, right? We’re all for a parody site here at CoinGeek but this troll has taken up residence at @RealCraigWright, that’s a deliberate attempt to make people believe it’s the, well, ‘real’ deal.

We would love you, @RealCraigWright, to attack the actual content and points made by Dr Wright but its hard ain’t it!?

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