Trend Micro: Malware targeting crypto ATMS being sold online for $25,000

Trend Micro: Malware targeting crypto ATMS being sold online for $25,000

The black market for cybertheft thrives: cryptomining malware is no longer the limit.

Multinational cyber security and defense company Trend Micro has published an article on their blog stating that they’ve found some disturbing malware circulating in online underground markets.

“Regular ATMs are popular targets for cybercriminals, and we have recenty noted a shift away from physical tools such as skimmers to malware-based attacks. Bitcoin ATM malware has so far been much less talked about, perhaps because of the relatively low number of machines currently available globally,” they wrote.

“While searching through underground forums, we noticed an apparently established and respected user offering Bitcoin ATM malware.”

“The actual listing for the malware contains more details,” Trend Micro says. The seller also sells regular ATM malware—which has been updated to work even with the new EMV chips, as well as some other financial malware and some compromised accounts. Potential buyers are promised the full theft package for the price of $25,000.

“Buyers receive not just the malware but also a ready-to-use card that comes with EMV and NFC capabilities. According to the listing, the malware exploits a service vulnerability that allows the user to receive bitcoins worth up to 6,750 in U.S. dollars, euros, or pounds. The malware does not come cheap, as it is being sold for US$25,000.”

According to Trend Micro, the seller has an established account in the online marketplace. And despite the seemingly hefty price, it looks like the seller’s business has been doing quite well in the marketplace.

“The number of reviews (over 100) shows that the seller has earned quite a large amount from various offerings, including this malware,” Trend Micro adds.

“What we can glean from this is that cybercriminals interested in amassing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are no longer limiting themselves to cryptomining malware. As long as there is money to be made—and there is quite a bit of money in cryptocurrencies—cybercriminals will continue to devise tools and to expand to lucrative new ‘markets.’ As the number of Bitcoin ATMs grows, we can expect to see more forms of malware targeting cryptocurrency ATMs in the future.”

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