Light blue Transak Logo in dark blue technology background listing allows users in over 150 countries to trade, store BSV easily

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is now listed on, a leading digital currency platform, allowing users to trade and store BSV in over 150 countries easily.

Based in the U.K., Transak offers developers an integration service for their Web3 apps, allowing them to support fiat-to-digital asset withdrawals and deposits. The service offers seamless access to blockchain tokens targeting mainstream users and businesses.

Transak is available in 150 countries globally and supports over 75 blockchain networks, allowing users to purchase over 160 tokens via bank transfers, cards, and other payment methods.

“We are thrilled to partner with Transak and to see BSV listed on their platform,” Shawn Ryan, the Director of Corporate Relationships for the Bitcoin Association for BSV, commented.

“This new listing provides more opportunities for BSV users to access and transact with digital currencies easily. We believe this will strengthen BSV’s position in the digital currency market and reinforce our commitment to providing our users with a reliable and efficient payment system,” he added.

Through Transak, users can purchase BSV through Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard (NASDAQ: MA), Cash App, European payments system SEPA, Google Pay, AstroPay, GCash, GrabPay, Maya, and more.

The listing comes amid a planned BSV delisting by Bittrex and Bitvavo. And while the narrative has been a lack of liquidity, Bitcoin expert Joshua Henslee pointed out that there are tokens with hardly a few hundred dollars in trading volume that are still listed on Bittrex.

Despite the delistings, Bitcoin SV continues to shine. The network continues to set new scaling records, and today, it’s more scalable than all the top blockchain networks combined.

These delistings, Michael Hudson says, will also push the BSV ecosystem to build its own infrastructure.

“The only way to fix this is to build our own exchange,” Hudson, the CEO and founder of Bitstocks, told Women of BSV recently.

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