TonicPow + Streamanity is a winning combo to Earn & Use BSV

TonicPow + Streamanity is a winning combo to Earn & Use BSV

Bitcoin applications are being developed at a rapid pace such that interoperability with each other is manifesting itself. TonicPow is an ad platform built on top of Bitcoin SV (BSV). Developers can easily integrate Tonics into their site for the purposes of generating revenue from peer-to-peer advertisements. Recently from the Cambrian SV event, the team released TonicPow Offers.

These offers are peer-to-peer (noticing a trend here?) opportunities for earning BSV from links shared across social media platforms. For example, if someone has a YouTube video they would like to share with the world, they could create an offer, providing various details and images to make the ad attractive. The user embeds a link to the video in the offer. Once funded with at least $1 of BSV, the creator can share their offer with others. At this point, we have nothing novel here as we are seemingly just creating a simple nice-looking ad.

Anyone who sees this offer can then click on and create their own shareable link. They specify their email and BSV address and they are good to go! Once they start shilling this link on social media, each person who clicks on this link earns the sharer 1 cent of Bitcoin SV. The TonicPow offer incentivizes others to share content they think is valuable by paying them directly via the clicks of others.

You can use Paymail, HandCash handles, RelayX handles or a traditional Bitcoin SV address for your payouts.

There is no incentive to create a bot to spam clicks since that would only drain the wallet of the creator of the offer. The one who clicks would only be doing so of their own interest vs. accidentally clicking on a spam ad.

When TonicPow offers were first released, I was fascinated yet did not understand how they worked until I tested them out myself. I really feel something special has been created here, and I was thinking what if there were some other novel ways this could be used with other means of earning Bitcoin.

That led me to Streamanity which is a video platform similar to YouTube that earns the content creators revenue based on the time users watch their videos vs. watching ads. A few months ago, Streamanity released a feature where anyone can share videos, and if a user clicks on that link and watches the video, 10% of the earnings go to the link sharer and the rest go to the content creator—regardless of the time spent watching the video. This is only possible because the BSV blockchain is a micropayments network.

It turns out we can combine these features (TonicPow & Streamanity) to create a flurry of BSV transactions that allow people to come in and start earning, potentially being one of the best solutions to the well-known onboarding problem. An argument could be made that this is the best solution to the onboarding problem yet as it does not require the end user to hold Bitcoin at all.

By creating a TonicPow offer to a Streamanity link that earns me revenue, I can incentivize others to share a link that makes me money, while earning them money. This creates a situation where people are no longer shamelessly shilling content, but capitalizing on curation.

To test this out I created an offer of the recent video:

“To SPV or not to SPV, that is the Bitcoin question”

(they spelled it wrong)

I funded my offer with $1, then shared it on Twetch (which sucks and doesn’t exist):

TonicPow + Streamanity is a winning combo to Earn & Use BSV

From a single click of an offer link created from my initial offer, 3 unrelated parties earn BSV:

1. I earn 10% of revenue from the time the user watches the video
2. The content creator earns 90% of the revenue from the time the user watches the video
3. The offer sharer earns 1 cent when the user clicks their link

On the admin page for the offer I can view various statistics such as clicks and how many times the offer was linked.

Notice conversions—this requires a much deeper dive, but I believe it will be a very powerful feature. If you implement TonicPow conversions in your website or app, you can trigger a conversion based on some action a user takes. This would provide metrics for not only clicks, but if the user did in fact consume some content after clicking a shared offer.

Here is the resulting revenue I earned on Streamanity:

If you exclude my time watching the video as a consumer as cost, then my upfront cost was $1 from funding the offer and I earned $1.003 in revenue which is a minimal profit, but it was only a test so I will take it!

No agreements, no SLAs, nor licenses are required here. Just peer-to-peer exchange and profit seeking from people without having to trust each other with almost no barrier to entry. I remember reading about this in some paper…

Special thanks to Attila, Mr. Z and Satchmo for creating an awesome platform. Also thanks to Sumanth and Shravan for pioneering a paid video service built with Bitcoin SV.

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