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TonicPow now features campaign metrics and NFTs, Luke Rohenaz says

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BSV blockchain powered TonicPow, a promotion marketplace for brands to show up and set up campaigns, is changing how advertisers and influencers interact and operate within the marketing space. Founder Luke Rohenaz recently caught up with the Women of BSV and spoke about the recent business developments, HeartMail, and more.

“If you have a website and have an audience, you can launch a campaign on TonicPow where users can get paid to like or click, Twitter interactions; or if the campaign is set up to use our API, all of this can really incentivize users’ action,” Rohenaz said, describing what TonicPow is.

“One of the best attributes of our product is that the things for which one shouldn’t pay, they don’t pay. Other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., will payout for same IP address several times during campaigning, which does not happen in TonicPow,” he added.

Rohenaz walked the group of women through the HeartMail campaign workflow that displayed paying of a certain amount per click to users, bids, etc., with regards to a particular campaign. He also told them about the page displaying the “Messages” section for users to communicate with each other, a functionality that has been recently added.

“You cannot just have bidforms because that’s not an objective way of communication; you need to be able to communicate with others,” he noted.

Campaigns and analytics

Another feature that’s been added to TonicPow’s kitty is the Bitcoin VS code Extension—the analytics feature which provides detailed insight about payouts, location, number of clicks, and more.

“It is so precise that when payouts were happening, it showed a much higher number of bot-related clicks than the actual human clicks. We were also able to track the location of where the clicks came from. Also, every campaign has a paymail address,” Rohenaz told Women of BSV.

And that’s not all! TonicPow has also added NFTs, as the platform now hosts NFT pages running from music NFTs to artwork, among others. At the moment, TonicPow only supports Run tokens, but is gradually becoming a marketplace for NFTs, or as Ruth Heasman of Women of BSV calls it—an NFT Gallery.

Affiliate Marketing

According to Rohenaz, affiliate marketers will like the TonicPow platform as it focuses on addressing and fixing the existing problems within the advertising industry. Chiming in, Casey Hamilton noted that, “Opening a line of communication between promoters and advertisers in such a seamless manner will allow people to make a real living in this field.”

Rohenaz pointed out that both sides of the market are important for TonicPow’s business as it needs both advertisers and influencers to come onboard to realize how much money they can earn by negotiating good contracts with brands.

“You can see profiles and analytics of promoters and when a user hires them, aka signs a contract with them, you can then see their detailed analytics, i.e., their social profiles [handles] as well as other confidential information that is visible only on the contract sheets,” he explained.

When asked to share his closing thoughts, Rohenaz told Women of BSV that TonicPow is currently focusing on form development, adding that it is exciting that the product is so mature and does so much.

“When you show it to someone who spends a lot on advertising, these are the things that give you a breath of fresh air. We are definitely switching gears and focusing more on this development, bringing in new companies and promoters from outside the BSV space to join the party and get this ecosystem larger. I think this is what it is going to take to make BSV the space it was intended to be,” he summarized.

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YouTube video

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