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Timechain Labs to launch BitRupi at Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit India

Rohan Sharan and Mallikarjun Karra are becoming familiar names within the BSV ecosystem. And very soon, Timechain Labs, together with Nu10, will be hosting the first-ever BSV Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit in Bengaluru, India, on August 5-6.

The event will mark the official launch of BitRupi, a top-up widget built by TimeChain Labs. In our recent catch-up, Sharan shared both his excitement and information about BitRupi.

“Users in India need to get access to BSV in the first place regardless of any apps being built. The current state of confusion and chaos regarding the digital currency exchanges in India does not even allow the residents to withdraw BSV, and we are solving that problem with BitRupi,” Sharan said.

What is BitRupi?

The BitRupi widget is an Indian regulatory compliant top-up tool for BSV users in India. The user pays in Indian rupee (INR) and gets BSV instantly sent to their preferred wallet. It will be officially launched at the summit in Bengaluru.

“Soon thereafter, we would be launching Neucron, a means for the Indian user to access blockchain technology in native currency (i.e., INR). BitRupi will soon be available from within wallets such as Centbee and Handcash for their Indian users. In a few months, we would also enable off-ramps, wherein people can convert the BSV they have earned into INR in a manner compliant with Indian laws,” Sharan told CoinGeek.

Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit India

It is certainly a big deal for Sharan that the first-ever Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit is taking place in India this coming August.

“We are quite pleased that we have managed to get so many high-profile speakers, including Dr. Craig S. Wright and Latif Ladid, among other esteemed attendees. It is a breath of fresh air. It was about time,” he said.

When asked what kind of impact he expects from the event, Sharan stressed that there’s definitely going to be a greater awareness about scalable enterprise utility blockchain technology in India. 

“People are going to be curious about micropayments and what it can do for their businesses. No other blockchain offers you the ability to create Metanet objects and upload data at such low fee, and the promise of IPv6 and IoT in tandem with a scalable blockchain is too great to be ignored. We’re certainly going to see a lot of traction from academics, developers, government and enterprises,” he emphasized.

Hundreds of attendees will attend this summit in person, including developers, policymakers, regulators, blockchain thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and investors. The event, sponsored by the BSV Blockchain Association, is organized by TimeChain Labs in partnership with Parimal Priyadarshi of Nu10 Technologies, Kapil Jain of nChain, James Chacko of CEEDI, and KumaraGuru Ramanujam of Moneyswipe.

Sharan and Ramanujam are the BSV Ambassadors for India at the BSV Blockchain Association. Sharan would like the attendees at the summit to remember that this event will offer something that no Web3 conferences have done so far in India.

“There is real utility here and a coming together of world-class minds who are more interested in technical discussions than unproductive hype,” he said.

Don’t miss this great opportunity and grab your tickets now!

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