themakers-org-harnesses-bitcoin-power-with-metastremes-help harnesses Bitcoin power with MetaStreme’s help

Australian nonprofit maker space has teamed up with MetaStreme, the robust and scalable Bitcoin wallet designed to meet the demands of high volume transaction applications. Through the partnership, individuals working on projects in makerspace will be able to harness the power of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

What is a maker space?

A maker space is a collaborative workspace where individuals can use—or learn to use—everything from high tech to no-tech tools. 

“Our focus is on creating Smart Open Community-driven solutions backed by professional development, and engagement with multiple stakeholders in Industry and Education,” said Matt Ritchie from’s makerspace has a variety of tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and more. also offers training on how to use their equipment so that individuals of every experience level can begin using’s tools in a safe and practical way.

How MetaStreme can help

The maker space community benefits from having the ability to easily upload high volumes of data to the Bitcoin blockchain at a low cost. Fortunately, MetaStreme is one of the best service providers when it comes to achieving that goal.

Recently, MetaStreme conducted a stress test in which they sent 970,000 transactions through the Bitcoin mainnet within 30 minutes—that’s an average of 600 transactions per second—for the low cost of 1.1 BSV. team has not announced any definitive plans for their first project built on Bitcoin, however, it is believed that team will use the Bitcoin blockchain to create an audit-trail platform for the advanced manufacturing industry.

It is expected that the team will use the public ledger (Bitcoin) to record data collected in production to better track authenticity, origin, quality control, and assurance including any treatments applied to the product before the shipping container is locked. The platform would also include a mechanism for remuneration and recognition or a back value flow for all contributors to the product.

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