The power of daydreaming, as explained by Calvin Ayre

The power of daydreaming, as explained by Calvin Ayre

We’ve seen a tremendous number of creators rushing to start building on Bitcoin SV (BSV). So far, what is being created are traditional business models adjusted and tweaked to work on BSV. It’s understandable as those established business models are the low-hanging fruit ready for anyone to pick, take a bite and enjoy.

There are social media apps which mimic the most popular apps on the traditional internet. There are classified ads and games, but those just scratch the surface of what possible.

These apps of familiarity provide some much-needed hand-holding for people discovering Bitcoin SV and those who are learning to understand why it will be necessary. The masses need these easy to understand stepping stones. The incredibly easy to use interface of HandCash makes it a breeze to on-board the most novice user.

Here’s what Bitcoin community really needs

We need to overcome the “number goes up before discovering it’s a Ponzi scheme” perception the masses have of Bitcoin due to BTC and Ethereum ICO pushers.

We need ideas and creations born solely on BSV; ideas to will revolutionize the world we live so much so that Bitcoin SV to access these apps will just be an inconsequential part of the process.

When the Bitcoin SV Genesis upgrade occurs this February, the ability to create original business models not seen before will become possible.

I am privileged enough to see first-hand as Calvin Ayre created successful businesses in multiple emerging markets. First becoming an innovator and taking online gambling to the mainstream and now with his bitcoin ventures that touch everything from mining to media to software development. Calvin Ayre told me:

What the original Bitcoin protocol allows (now trading as BSV) is incredibly low cost and fixed fee transactions at massive scale. This and the ability to store massive data immutably on-chain. Both of these things have not existed before and do not exist with any other technology. This is going to allow creative entrepreneurs to create business models that have also never existed before.

He added, “It is not surprising to see that many of the projects being rolled out are just existing business models using BSV’s superpowers to improve on how things used to be done. The real game-changers will be those who can envision applications for this incredible technology that have never existed and could not have existed until original Bitcoin was freed and allowed to prove its amazing abilities. This is why I am so excited about what will happen in 2020 now that original Bitcoin is back as BSV.”

Calvin Ayre’s secret to success? Focused daydreaming

Without sounding like I’m blowing smoke; one advantage Calvin has over entrepreneurs is his ability to forecast untapped or underdeveloped markets. He shared his method with me a while ago, without giving away any trade secrets, he told me he’ll find some quiet time and do some focused daydreaming. He’ll look at potential opportunities and choices and look outward beyond the immediate decisions. Like a choose your own adventure book, if there is a choice between A or B, which option will lead to C and then what decisions will we need to make to ensure D, E and F happen.

 This focused daydreaming or think-time has been popular with Microsoft founder and entrepreneur Bill Gates. There are plenty of articles online that cover his methods and his twice-yearly cabin retreats are featured prominently in the Netflix limited series, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.

In short, Gates spends seven days away at a secret cabin in the woods of Washington State secluded from the rest of the world, including family, friends and co-workers.

While in the woods, he’s disconnected from technology, alone with his thoughts, plenty of books, industry reports, and magazines.

He spends his time, thinking, actively daydreaming, and in deep consideration of what he’s reading, and he’ll often write rebuttals to the works he’s just consumed. It’s a week of focused creativity.

He’s not totally alone, he does have a caretaker who serves him meals and takes care of the necessities.

Here’s why creative daydreaming is important

Most of us don’t have a week to spend locked away in a secluded cabin or on an island paradise just for thinking. There is an abundance of opportunities where the rest of us can take time for creative daydreaming.

Pixel’s John Goldberg shared some insights into his creative thought process, “When people tell me I can’t, I tend to think of ways I can. Especially when it’s never been done before. I will study, read and even take online classes just to get more information to see for myself if it’s possible.”

I’m always focusing on solutions to problems that might not even exist, then I become obsessed with finding a solution.

Goldberg uses repetitive tasks, almost like a mantra in transcendental meditation (TM). In TM, you’ll repeat your personal phrase over and over until your mind is free of disruptions allowing you to think clearly about problems, and then solutions become clear.

“I’ll ask myself the same questions over and over, but in different ways to see all paths to a possible solution, eventually I’ll ask myself the right question in the proper way, then the answer presents itself.”

I asked John if he had an island retreat or a cabin in the woods as his personal Fortress of Solitude, “I take hot showers, sometimes twice or three times a day, and while steaming in the shower, I think of ways to fix things.”

The Genesis upgrade will occur in February, and then the potential new and original business models become unbounded, whether it’s a cabin in the woods, a Caribbean island oasis or just a long hot shower, now is the time to do some creative daydreaming and think about what’s possible or better yet, what people say is impossible and make it possible.

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