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Taylor Culbertson and Colton Dillon have set out to simplify the digital currency user experience with their platform Hedgehog.  

Hedgehog was created to aggregate every cryptocurrency need in one place and make it more usable for everyone. Whether that means learning the stories behind each new coin and understanding their technologies, tracking all of your holdings across dozens of wallets and exchanges, or simplifying trading and transactions on any blockchain, we want to be the intuitive one-stop shop for people of every experience level,

said Colton Dillion, the co-founder and CTO of Hedgehog.

Hedgehog was initially created to solve three severe pain points that our founders faced when they were getting started in crypto:

– How can we make the process of learning about blockchain and individual cryptocurrencies faster and easier?

– How can we simplify all the address tracking and management so we’re not spending 30 hours a month on excel spreadsheets?

– How can we make it easier to manage all your currency from one place, so you don’t have to jump between wallets and exchanges?

According to a digital currency survey conducted on Reddit, 94% of digital currency investors check prices every day, 66% of crypto use 3 or more exchanges, and for 55% of investors, digital currency was their first investment.

The team at Hedgehog took this data, as well as what they knew from their personal experiences in the digital currency markets, and consolidated the various activities that encompass an investors day–such as price discovery, price tracking, education, and executing trade strategies–into one easy to use platform. 


On Hedgehog, users can learn, track, and trade digital currency all in one location. Hedgehog connects with over 130 digital currency exchanges which allows users to trade without leaving the website, has information on over 2,000 digital currencies so that users can begin their research journey on-site, and even allows users to set up portfolio strategies to receive rebalancing recommendations based on the settings they choose.

The goal of Hedgehog is to save investors time and energy by giving them all the resources that they need on one website.

We’re constantly building new features to make cryptocurrency ownership a breeze, and we have designed Hedgehog from day one to integrate with other services. As new providers and smart contracts emerge with new functionality, we’ll be waiting to make sure you can take advantage of them from Hedgehog.

If you find yourselves checking multiple websites, wallets, and exchanges throughout the day because of your digital currency investments, then you might want to give Hedgehog a try. Using Hedgehog is bound to save you time, and as we all know, time is money.

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