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DotWallet Pro v2.2 Release: Major UX Improvements

DotWallet Pro 2.2 has been online officially! This new version focuses on UI and interactive experience optimization. Compared to the previous version, it has improved a lot in visuals and functions.

Update Time:

March 2nd, 2021 (For users who have installed DotWallet Pro, please choose to overwrite the current installation. Don’t uninstall DotWallet Pro at will.) 

IOS users can go to the App Store for “Non-Mainland China Regions” and TestFlight “Mainland China Regions” to update;

Android users download in Dotwallet official website (, Google Play, or scan the QR code to update;

DotWallet QR code

Update Details:

  1. Redesigned the application icon 
  2. Re-arranged the Asset Details page
  3. Added animation effects to the startup page
  4. Optimized the display adaptation of small-screen phones

Highlights of Update:

1. The application icon has been redesigned. It looks more simple and attractive.

The latest DotWallet Pro icon presents users with an impressive visual effect and a more intuitive visual perception.

DotWallet Pro logos

2. A new eye-catching animation effect was added to the login page. 

Images of a variety of digital currencies quickly turn over in the page animation. It highlights the “multi-wallet management” and “smooth and convenient” features of DotWallet, and displays the brand image of DotWallet Pro more clearly.

DotWallet Pro logo

3. The asset details page has been re-arranged. 

Compared with the previous version of the asset details page, the function division of the modules is clearer. And the currency holding details are clear at a glance. Meanwhile, the asset details page has also added an “Auto Payment” entry, where users can directly manage “Auto Pay” accounts.

DotWallet Asset Details

4. The adaptation update of small screen phones greatly enhances the interactive experience.
The adaptation of small-screen phones is undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of this revision. It solves the problem of incomplete page display caused by using compact phones, while ensures the page is still beautiful.

Due to the release policies and time of each channel, the version number is slightly different. App Store: V2.2.1; TestFlight: V2.2.0; Official website: V2.2.0; Google Play: V2.2.2.

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