The BSV Pitch: Alan Borger of Agora

The first Bitcoin Association Pitch Day brought some of the most innovative startups in Bitcoin in front of a pool of the world’s leading investors at the CoinGeek Seoul Conference in October.

A curated selection of startups at various stages of the development cycle were invited to present their ideas, representing the vanguard of innovation in BSV. Among them was Agora, a collaborative working tool on the Metanet designed to allow individuals to contribute value, whether through skills, data or money, in a public peer-to-peer environment.

Founder Alan Borger describes Agora as “a public square for the 21st century,” outlining its utility in helping producers and consumers of data and skills interact more directly and reward contribution more effectively.

We see a world where everyone is a producer and consumer of vast amounts of monetizable data. For too long, society has had a hard time celebrating and rewarding its genius and its main contributors. We think we are now at a different point in time where we can finally reward people for their contributions. The time is now because of Bitcoin.

Agora is a public square for the 21st century. With Bitcoin, it is now possible to create a system where people can create other layers of interaction beyond what is possible with current social media online. With Bitcoin, we can exchange files for money on-chain.

Agora allows collaboration between peers, whether exchanging data or bringing together skills to work on projects, without the need for establishing a company or separate legal entity—just individuals, pooling resources on the Agora protocol, powered by BSV.

The platform brings together a suite of tools for developers and collaborators from the BSV ecosystem, making it easier than ever before to share talents and reward contribution through an on-chain protocol.

The pitch was warmly received by investors in the room, with Agora consider one of the many most promising innovations currently in development on the BSV protocol.

Applications are now being invited from companies and developers hoping to pitch at the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in London in February 2020.

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