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The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is upon us—are you ready for 2022’s biggest blockchain event?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time! The BSV Global Blockchain Convention will kick off on May 24 in Dubai and will run until May 26. It will feature some of the world’s most prominent technologists, blockchain experts, developers, and entrepreneurs in the BSV ecosystem.

It’s still not too late to get your tickets, and if you can’t make it out to Dubai, remember that you can join us via a live stream with an online pass.

What is the BSV Global Blockchain Convention?

The BSV Global Blockchain convention is a rebrand of what was previously known as CoinGeek Conferences. The conference was renamed to represent the increased scope of what’s happening on BSV, which has far outgrown the CoinGeek media brand, making this the first conference under the new name.

What will happen at the conference? As well as lots of networking, we’ll hear from some of BSV’s top thought leaders and visionaries as well as developers, VCs and investors, and world-renowned technologists.

To give just a small preview of the guest speakers, we’ll hear from:

These speakers all have unique insights to share, including how BSV works, why it scales better than any other blockchain, what enterprises and entities are developing applications on the blockchain, and how BSV will be a key component in the IPv6 rollout.

It’s sure to be an exciting conference, and the truth is, the speakers above are only five of the 130+ speakers already lined up to give presentations. This phenomenal growth and interest in Bitcoin SV is the main reason for the rebrand of the convention.

Things are changing quickly, and BSV is taking off

The past year has seen the BSV blockchain shift into a higher gear. It all started when Dr. Wright won the ‘Trial of the Century’ against the estate of his late friend David Kleiman and was legally declared the sole inventor of Bitcoin. While BSV has had lots of interest for years thanks to its superior scaling capabilities, it has taken off since the court case as serious developers and technologists accept that Dr. Wright is Bitcoin’s inventor.

Therefore, this year, we’ll hear more about how Bitcoin will scale to global dimensions and help create a more honest and transparent world. In fact, the opening presentation will be titled ‘BSV Blockchain: A World of Good.’ The Founding President of the BSV Blockchain Association, Jimmy Nguyen, will kick things off with that one.

Thereafter, we’ll hear about BSV’s presence in the Middle East, how it makes tiny payments possible, how it’s transforming the gaming industry, what it means for the Metaverse, NFTs, and CBDCs, why utility matters, how BSV will underpin the Internet of Things, how it can help law enforcement, how it will transform supply chains, the financial industry, entertainment, and ultimately, why BSV will play a key role in IPv6; the future of the internet. We’ll see that BSV is a thriving ecosystem with world-class developers and entrepreneurs working on applications that will have massive implications for every industry.

Bitcoin has been restored and is ready to transform the world in ways its inventor envisaged. Join us in Dubai or online for the world’s first BSV Global Blockchain Convention. Looking back, it will be of historical significance!

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