The BSV community in China are true believers: Mandy Wang

YouTube video

The BSV community in China recently congregated for the inaugural Bitcoin SV China Conference which turned out to be a huge success. For this rapidly growing community, BSV signifies much more than an opportunity to make quick bucks. It represents a decentralized future and according to Mandy Wang, these are true believers. In an interview with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower, Wang heaped praises on BSV’s capabilities, predicting that it will cement its place at the top soon.

“The BSV community is China is made of true believers, and that is very rare in China,” Wang told CoinGeek. For most crypto enthusiasts, the focus is usually on the price swings as they seek to make quick money. Whenever the price goes up, most people hail the new technology, but when it drops, they brand it a scam, she explained.

However, Mandy observed that the BSV community sees beyond the price and into the true applications of the Bitcoin blockchain. And it’s for good reasons, one of which is the ease of use for developers. With all the tools that are available in the BSV ecosystem, the developers can create real applications easily, she remarked.

BSV has also positioned itself for the business world, allowing enterprises to build applications on the Bitcoin blockchain. With its massive and unrivaled scalability, low fees and real-time transactions, BSV has revolutionized the game.

There’s also Dr. Wright, the man who invented Bitcoin. He has become an important symbol for the BSV community, with many flocking to BSV events to meet and hear from him. It was no different in China, where many paid attention to every word he spoke, Mandy stated.

Dr. Wright covered several issues, especially in his fireside chat with the Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen. They included why he created Bitcoin, to which he claimed that it was to find the most efficient way to send and receive money over the internet.

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