The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 7

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 7

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Jimmy Nguyen, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, is back this week to bring us more updates on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem. BSV is the rebirth of the original Bitcoin, and it’ one that finally unlocks the true power of Bitcoin’s original design protocol, and Satoshi Vision.

This week, Nguyen continues to report on developments—from services that have added BSV support to information services, and even some fun and games—as BSV marches to become the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain.

Among the latest services that have started integrating Bitcoin SV is Easy Sign. The project, which was once on Bitcoin Core (BTC), has been resurrected on BSV to allow users to easily sign and verify a document on the blockchain. The document is not actually uploaded to Easy Sign’s servers; instead the service calculates a cryptographic hash of the document. This means that your data is still private, and Easy Sign do not have access to the document’s contents. Start uploading on Easy Sign here.

Cryptartica is another business that has joined the ranks of BSV. The online design marketplace recently started accepting BSV as a payment option, which means customers can pay with Bitcoin and the artists can also earn Bitcoin. Start shopping at Cryptartica today.

There’s also a bunch of new information services for Bitcoin SV, such as the BSV101—a new helpful resource for anyone new to cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin SV. Blockchair has also launched a new Node explorer for Bitcoin SV, allowing anyone to see how many nodes are currently on the BSV network, and which countries they are in. Check it out here.

MetaLens is a Chrome browser extension that lets users comment on any website for free, and this week, it was recently updated to add compatibility with the new BSV protocol. It’s now faster, allows more commenting options, adds the option to reply to comments, and much more. If you want to check out what users have been commenting, check out to see what people have been saying, using Metalens.

Nguyen noted, “MetaLens is a perfect application of Satoshi Vision and the Metanet concept from Dr. Craig Wright of nChain. The Metanet with the Bitcoin SV blockchain will subsume and power the whole internet.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @hypergalaxycash has created a powerful tool called Coin2Speech that converts any text into speech with the google text to speech AI API. This new tool can convert up to 150,000 characters per request for a small BSV fee. Check it out here.

And wrapping up this week’s episode is some fun and games with Play Bitcoin SV. This new service lets you win BSV by playing some random chance games. Prizes keep going up with each game played, and it’s easy to get started with your BSV wallet. The game is easy to understand, and no registration is required. Start playing here.

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