The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 18

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 18

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Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen brings us this week the latest updates on the technical developments in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem.

First we have some updates from UptimeSV, winner of the first-ever BSV Hackathon at the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 conference in May. The project provides an application that allows the user to contribute the computing power of their mobile device to help enterprises test the uptime or downtime of their websites. This allows more localized data to be provided in real time to enterprises, while users get to earn BSV in exchange for participating in the node in the UptimeSV network.

In the past, Bitcoin has always been acquired by purchasing it from exchanges. However, UptimeSV is leading a paradigm shift in the Bitcoin economy where one earns Bitcoin rather than buying. With Bitcoin SV’s low transaction fees and enabled micropayments, one can easily invest or spend the earned BSV. The website has a new homepage where enterprises and users can register. UptimeSV now has a new look and is gearing up to launch its product. Check out the website here.

This week’s Satoshi shout-out goes to the projects MetaWriter and Metanet Planaria and their creators. nChain recently released the MetaWriter. a command-line tool which creates Metanet nodes and transactions on the blockchain in a hierarchical structure. nChain’s Jack Davis showed an excellent example of this on Twitter by building a tree of a simple photo album on the blockchain.

To use this tool to develop an application, you will need some BSV to fund the transactions. The best way to do this is to set up an independent wallet with a small amount of BSV for use in building Metenet nodes.

The release of MetaWriter happened at the same time span as that of Metanet Planaria. Metanet Planaria is a tool used to interpret and display Metanet transactions in a browser. These two complementary products will help in building the BSV ecosystem.

In other news, more developers are joining the BSV/DEVS resource center. Currently, there are 147 listings on the site, 139 of which are active with 4 more on the way. Some of the recently published listings on the site are Animal 2048 SV, Metanet Planaria, BitBtn, Bsv777, and Neon Planaria. The site remains the best place to check various applications and tools that are being created for the BSV developer ecosystem. It is easy to navigate and provides links to and descriptions to the applications and tools.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Association held its second wallet workshop on the first week of July. nChain CTO Steve Shadders and his team led the developers through the day’s agendas. Among the issues tacked during the workshop are electronic data interchange (EDI), Paymail extensions, and ways of improving the simplified payment verification (SPV) experience to future-proof the ecosystem.

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