The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 16

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 16

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This week’s episode of the Bitcoin Vision comes to us from the Caribbean island of Antigua, home of some of the big BSV backers, like CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre. The Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen once again updated us on the latest technical developments on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem.

On this week’s edition, he recognized Paymail. This new identity protocol makes sending BSV as easy as sending an email. It removes lengthy Bitcoin addresses and replaces them with simple email addresses. It is easy to implement, allowing any exchange, service, or application that trades BSV to get on-board.

Paymail is already available on domain, with BSV members already using Paymail addresses. Additional implementations are coming from other wallets, including simplycash wallet, who added paymail support and users could get addresses at the domain.

With the design available to the public, feedback and review will lead to future updates of the technology. Paymail is offered under the bitcoin association’s Open BSV License making it available for usage only on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

This episode’s Satoshi Shout-out goes to FRNT Financial, an institutional getaway to the crypto asset class, based in Toronto, Canada. Its usage of BSV demonstrates that big blocks support big businesses. The company will launch a platform offering various sets of derivatives including the first fiat-settled derivatives for investors who wish to participate in a cryptocurrency market but desire the settlement of their transactions in the traditional fiat system.

Stephan Ouellette, CEO of FRNT Financial attended the CoinGeek Toronto Scaling Conference and spoke on integrating financial institutions into cryptocurrency. He acknowledges that BSV creates a regulation-friendly environment that attracts big businesses.

A new audio platform, AudioB, has joined the new BSV community. It permits independent artists and podcasters to share their original works on the blockchain. Users on the platform can discover and share original audio. They reward favorite artists with micro payments powered by BSV.

AudioB functions by creating a single transaction to the BSV blockchain containing a SHA-256 hash of the file along with some meta data. Remember, the audio data itself is not stored on chain.

Publishers and listeners will need a Money Button account to get started. All audio content production can be published by the content right’s holder or even by users who get permission from the right’s holder to share the content.

Also, developing for BSV got easier with the interaction of the BSV Script Editor and Debugger. This early alpha-release software has the goal of developing complex scripts such as smart contracts and tokens. The editor works by storing transactions, scripts, spends, and high-level scripts on a local file system. It has an easy to use interface and it is free for use by individuals for non-commercial services.

Back in the market is Unwriter bringing us the Bitbus. It is a tool for developers to filter the blockchain using Bitquery in seconds. Businesses and BSV developers willno longer need to run a full Bitcoin node. Instead, they can use Bitbus to access only the data they need by bypassing the possible terabytes of data that slow things down. The process will significantly improve BSV blockchain efficiency and speed. It is offered under the Open BSV License, making it exclusive to the BSV blockchain.

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