Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 Day 2 recap

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Building on the technical foundation laid on the previous day, Day 2 of the inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon was just as big a success—featuring presentations from HandCash, Run, sCrypt and Planaria, among others.

While Day 1 focused on network theory, the second day focused on the frameworks for building applications on the Bitcoin blockchain. The speakers delved into some of the tools that developers can take advantage of as they seek to build their applications.

The success of any business depends on its ability to generate income, and in the Bitcoin industry, it’s no different. In his presentation, Joshua Henslee spoke about how developers can generate income easily with their Bitcoin applications.

“With all the tools available in Bitcoin SV, it’s too easy to generate income,” Henslee, a software consultant stated.

Henslee also spoke about some of the services that developers can integrate to make money, such as Dimely which allows them to monetize their time. The more Bitcoin services a business integrates, the smoother the experience for its users and the faster the overall growth for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

HandCash CTO Rafa Jimenez took to the stage to speak about how his company is making it extremely easy for developers to build Bitcoin-powered apps. Through HandCash Connect, the developers now have an easy way to incorporate instant payments, identity, encryption and more into their apps.

Jimenez gave examples of some unique applications of some of the features. A user can set premium alerts to receive notifications about cheap flight tickets, taking advantage of instant payments. The user can also play a competitive game on Oculus VR, taking advantage of escrow payments.

Brendan Lee returned to the virtual stage, this time to moderate a panel discussion about leveraging Bitcoin services to thrive. The panel consisted of Tokenized’s James Belding, Codugh’s Shashank Singhal and Ryan X. Charles, the founder and CEO of Money Button.

The three revealed how developers can leverage their applications to generate income and create a smooth user experience for their users. They also revealed their future plans, with Tokenized already in talks with the Bank of England about developing e-money, as Codugh revealed it will launch its platform in three months.

Other speakers who took to the stage included Glenn Wolfe from Planaria, Run’s CEO Brenton Gunning and Liu Xiaohui, the CEO of sCrypt who discussed how their products have availed critical resources for developers.

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