The 2nd BSV Virtual Hackathon is only a week away — are you ready?

The 2nd Bitcoin SV (BSV) Virtual Hackathon is almost here, and the excitement is palpable. The online event, which takes place on August 17, will bring together some of the best developers globally as they compete for their share of the BSV prize pot.

Once the application process was opened a month ago, developers from across the world began submitting applications rapidly. The high demand led to the closure of the applications process recently. However, interested applicants are encouraged to join the waitlist by filling up the waitlist form available on the Bitcoin Association website.

The hackathon is sponsored by CoinGeek and run by nChain. Developers can join the event, either in teams or as individuals, to compete in the creation of innovative solutions on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Developers can be located anywhere in the world as the entire event is online.

With the Bitcoin SV blockchain recently undergoing the Quasar protocol upgrade, it cemented its position as the best enterprise blockchain. Its ability to scale and meet enterprise needs is second to none, with low transactional costs and enhanced security being among the other benefits. The participating developers will strive to develop new applications that take advantage of all these benefits to offer innovative solutions to their users.

The selected finalists will get the prestigious opportunity to present their applications at the upcoming CoinGeek Seoul conference which begins on October 1—yet another reason why developers should attend CoinGeek Seoul. The finals will take place on October 2, with the developers battling for the chance to win BSV and proceed to present their applications to potential investors during the conference. Get your tickets to the two-day event here.

UptimeSV emerged victorious in the inaugural BSV Virtual Hackathon in May, winning 250 BSV. The application uses the Bitcoin SV blockchain to offer enterprises crowdsourced uptime monitoring and network intelligence for robust DDoS-hardened enterprise systems. Its users can download the app on a desktop or a mobile device to become an Uptime SV node and start earning BSV.

TonicPow and Polyglot emerged second and third and won 100 and 50 BSV respectively. TonicPow offers a P2P advertising platform that utilizes BSV to cut out middle men in the advertising chain and let the website owners get their fair share of revenue. Polyglot enables developers to use Python to interact with Metanet protocols and develop BSV applications.

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