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TAAL CEO Richard Baker on Proactive London: Blockchain is the next big infrastructure shift

Richard Baker took over the reins of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF) in January 2022, replacing Stefan Matthews as the CEO who remains on as Chairman. In late March, Baker spoke with Proactive London about TAAL, BSV, and the future of blockchain technology. Check it out below.

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Introducing TAAL Distributed Information Technologies

Baker begins the interview by explaining what TAAL is, a Bitcoin SV miner/transaction processor and software services business.

While most in the BSV ecosystem will already know that TAAL is one of the most dominant miners, many might not know about its software services business. Baker explains that this is focused on transactions and data processing, allowing enterprises to begin putting their data on the BSV blockchain.

Why could TAAL be a good investment?

Baker is asked to explain why TAAL is potentially a good investment. He responds that what’s happening now is a lot like the beginning of the internet. He was involved in building out the infrastructure that the internet runs on and sees many similarities with what’s happening in the blockchain industry now.

“Blockchain is the next big infrastructure shift,” he says.

Naturally, Baker believes that TAAL will be a key blockchain infrastructure provider. He reminds the audience that Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin protocol and is focused on value exchange at scale with extremely low fees.

Today, TAAL is focused on ensuring that the Bitcoin protocol itself can be used by those who want to write transactions to the blockchain. Therefore, the firm is currently creating software to enable this. TAAL is also building the foundation of the mining infrastructure.

Baker also explains that TAAL is growing quickly. On top of four quarters of financial growth, the team has grown, and the firm opened a facility in Zug, Switzerland. This year, TAAL faces the task of kitting out its 60,000 sq/ft New Brunswick mining facility.

What are the services of the future? What will the blockchain space look like in 10 years?

Baker notes that it’s difficult for investors to see the bigger picture right now because of the distortions created by ‘cryptocurrency.’ He reminds us that this speculative mania is not what Bitcoin was supposed to be about.

Looking to the future, Baker paints a picture of a world with machine-to-machine communication, token-based digital cash, and trillions of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. He reiterates that this is why scaling is so important. Clearly, TAAL is at the forefront of the BSV blockchain revolution.

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YouTube video

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