Steve Shadders makes an appearance on Crypto Traders podcast

Steve Shadders makes an appearance on Crypto Traders podcast

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The Crypto Traders podcast has already brought a significant amount of insight into the world of cryptocurrency. The podcasts, led by Kurt Wuckert, Jr. and Matthew John of, provide great detail on the crypto space that gives the audience a better understanding of how the industry is developing and what this means for global finance. In their latest podcast, “Satoshi’s Vision of Professional Grade Bitcoin,” Wuckert sits down with Steve Shadders from nChain to cover everything from his philosophical views on crypto to why Bitcoin SV (BSV) has become such an important, leading digital currency.

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Shadders is the world’s leading platform developer. He has a sharp sense of what enterprises and governments want – as well as need – to help them advance their systems. It’s because of this skill and knowledge that Shadders has become the lead technical developer for nChain, the company behind some of the most advanced blockchain technology systems.

The crypto expert, who recently pointed out why Bitcoin Core (BTC) developers have incorrectly assumed the future of mining costs, understands the importance of blockchain scaling to create a system that can handle tens of thousands of transactions a minute. He has already used his skills to show how easy, relatively speaking, it would be to scale a network, and nChain has shown that 1-terabyte block sizes are not only attainable, but will soon be possible on the BSV blockchain – the only blockchain that has been able to successfully make that claim.

This scaling capability, and the predictability of having a solid network, is why BSV is the leading platform for business operations. While other blockchains are content with redesigning their platforms every few months, the BSV community understands the importance of maintaining continuity and only making underlying changes to enhance performance, not rewriting the protocol.

The Crypto Traders/Steve Shadders podcast is a must-see for anyone wanting to better understand the fundamentals of what is happening with crypto and, in particular, the innovations that are being introduced to the BSV blockchain and where we go from here. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how the world does business and BSV is at the forefront of the changing space.

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