Steffan Matthews with blockchain background

Stefan Matthews at the Economic Forum in the Philippines: I almost missed my Bitcoin opportunity, but I made up for it

In 2008, Stefan Matthews received a draft of a white paper on electronic cash to review. He browsed the pages and didn’t take much of an interest. Two revisions later, this white paper gave birth to Bitcoin, and Matthews has regretted dismissing the white paper since. When the opportunity arose again in 2014, he was all in and has been pushing blockchain adoption since.

In his speech at the BusinessWorld Economic Forum last week, Matthews talked about his early encounter with Bitcoin, the formation of nChain, pushing for enterprise blockchain adoption, and why only the BSV blockchain can anchor enterprise and government applications.

Matthews is the co-founder and chairman of the nChain Group. He co-founded the company eight years ago and served as the CEO in its formative years. The company pioneered blockchain research and has become the world’s largest holder of blockchain patents.

“Our mission is to power the peer-to-peer economy today and in the future, enabling value exchange for everybody with an immutable, secure, transparent, efficient and scalable public blockchain that can handle millions of transactions with low and stable costs,” he told the attendees in his virtual presentation.

nChain builds enterprise applications powered by the BSV blockchain. Data integrity, regulatory compliance, and user privacy remain key facets of its products, Matthews stated.

The company serves clients in every region globally, with the Philippines being one of its key emerging markets. Matthews has been in meetings with President Ferdinand Marcos and Bataan Governor Jose Enrique Garcia to discuss how BSV can anchor key government systems to make them efficient, secure, transparent, and fast. nChain has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bataan to digitize provincial government services.

nChain is also investing in blockchain education in the Philippines to churn out blockchain experts, consultants, and entrepreneurs across the Southeast Asian nation.

Matthews still regrets not taking a keener interest in Dr. Craig Wright’s white paper in 2008. However, he’s making up for it by pushing for the adoption of blockchain worldwide.

Through blockchain, we can make “a more transparent and impactful society; a society that automates and enables efficient processes, allowing us to focus more on what matters in life; a world where our children can grow with opportunities that didn’t exist for many of us,’ he stated.

Philippines has the most to gain with blockchain adoption: nChain’s Stefan Matthews

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