Spend your Bitcoin SV directly in shops with Zeux

Spend your Bitcoin SV directly in shops with Zeux

The goal of Bitcoin, now reborn as Bitcoin SV (BSV), is stated clearly in the title of the original Bitcoin white paper—become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. This week, BSV is taking yet another step closer to make that a reality, and it’s all thanks to “forward thinking” fintech platform Zeux.

Zeux announced on Thursday that it has added BSV to its payment portfolio, allowing its users to spend the cryptocurrency—the only one to follow the original Satoshi Vision—directly at all point-of-sale (POS) machines.

In a video announcement, Zeux founder and CEO Frank Zhou confirmed: “Zeux will list BSV as one of our cryptos in our wallet, so users who currently hold Bitcoin SV will have the capability to spend directly in shops to anywhere where only fiat is accepted. Instant conversion will be achieved for all Bitcoin SV users.”


This means that users can now spend their BSV coins anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, Zhou noted.

Zeux, launched in 2018, pioneered the integration of financial services for its users, from aggregated mobile payments to transfers and banking. Currently, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-authorized company is gearing up to launch a multi-function app, featuring a built-in investment platform with a foreign exchange function, in Europe in April. Zeux doesn’t charge fees to open an account, as well as for money transfers, top up or crypto payment commissions.

Zhou explained, “We offer services in both crypto in fiat, we give users a way to pay crypto on the fly, in shops directly to POS machines by instant conversion so there will be no more waiting, no more questions whether the merchant accepts cryptos, you can pay anywhere you want.”

Zeux joins other businesses that have on-boarded BSV recently. Turkey’s Vebitcoin opened deposits and withdrawals for BSV last February 26, a day after Lithuanian blockchain payment company CoinGate added support for the cryptocurrency. Gap600 added support for BSV as well in February, along with OKEX, which added margin trading for crypto.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the Bitcoin Association, said Zeux’s support will “help spur adoption” for BSV, which can now “be used for payments as electronic cash.”

“Bitcoin is supposed to be genuine digital money and Zeux’s forward thinking platform makes this an immediate reality. BSV has shown recently with a 100MB mined block that it can properly scale and now it is showing utility as well. Scalability and use are the most important factors is demonstrating how Bitcoin, by which I mean BSV, can become a global, low-transaction fee, digital currency,” Nguyen said in a statement.

To learn more about Zeux’s BSV integration, visit their website.

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