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mintBlue, a blockchain-as-a-service platform which utilizes the BSV blockchain, recently announced that it broke a new world record by making 50 million transactions on a public blockchain in 24 hours. The company’s co-founder and CIO Pieter Den Dooven tells Charles Miller on this episode of CoinGeek Conversations how they set up the challenge and describes the micropayment transactions: “All of them did a very small amount of money from one place to the other place and they also all had a little payload in it.”

Den Dooven says his team was confident they could break a previous record of 35 million transactions a day. “We aimed for 40 million, but overshot that with an extra 10 million and came at 50 million.” They later found out that a higher number of transactions had been claimed on EOS but Den Dooven is confident that mintBlue holds the record for a proof-of-work blockchain.

As far as sustainability goes, Den Dooven believes there is no such a thing as “too big” when it comes to adding data to the blockchain. He referred to a section of the Bitcoin White Paper which allows a developer to make adjustments. “You can remove certain parts of the data that you personally don’t need and so there’s this way of keeping track of the blockchain without keeping everything,” he says.

In the second half of the show, Den Dooven discussed mintBlue’s services and how it can benefit businesses. The company’s focus is on delivering blockchain solutions that can solve real world problems. Accounting and invoicing are some examples he mentioned that would greatly benefit from mintBlue’s API product.

Den Dooven was keen to point out that mintBlue’s software is for developers and entrepreneurs who want to build out a business. For €49 a month and €0.01 per kilobyte, mintBlue customers can easily write code on the blockchain, he says. “It’s a no code and low-code platform which allows you to automate a lot of things without having to write code.”

mintBlue plans to add new features this year such as smart contracting and state machines—a feature that allows different companies to work seamlessly with each other.

After placing third in the BSV Hackathon in 2020, Den Dooven and his team went on to build mintBlue. Prior to the hackathon, Den Dooven worked at a consultancy firm that he founded doing mostly blockchain research and development projects for various companies and industries.

Den Dooven’s passion for Bitcoin spans over 10 years. “It’s been a long journey,” he says. As for his thoughts about the future of Bitcoin? He says, “I’m particularly happy with how things are moving in the BSV space. We have a lot of solutions for today’s problems. There’s a lot of work to do, but for us that’s a good thing, because we think we can solve a lot of the problems that are apparent in these times.”

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