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SmartLedger announces strategic partnership with TAAL

SmartLedger & TAAL to streamline blockchain implementation processes by connecting the application’s customer base with data processing infrastructure leader.

TAMWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — SmartLedger, the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel, and TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE: TAAL) (FWB: 9SQ1) (OTC: TAALF), have announced today a strategic Sales Channel partnership that will see the two leading blockchain companies work towards enlarging the size of the blockchain-user customer base, which will now benefit from better product and service quality, reduced costs, and faster implementation of optimal solutions.

Through the sharing of expertise and technical resources, SmartLedger and TAAL will expedite leading solutions at reduced costs to customers in a broad range of businesses and most industry vertical

— Kal Suurkask, TAAL’s Chief Commercial Officer

The announced strategic alliance establishes a direct connection between SmartLedger’s reach in the implementation and distribution of blockchain solutions, and TAAL’s capacity to support global blockchain applications through its STAS tokenization technologies and data processing capabilities. This Agreement ensures SmartLedger optimizes product offerings by shortening design periods, reducing costs, and securing the use of the best technology in the solutions.

As more sectors consider blockchain to streamline processes and reach new levels of (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) knowledge and fast access to high-level technology is vital. The design, implementation, and distribution of blockchain-based solutions demands timely and cost-effective information and technology. This is why the collaboration between SmartLedger and TAAL is strategic.

While SmartLedger and TAAL explore synergies in the field of blockchain domain, this strategic partnership sets out a list of primary key objectives, which includes the undertaking of projects for commercial exploitation of new technology and products, and SmartLedger’s use of TAAL´s technical expertise in its business research.

“In time-pressured industries, insightful, fast and wide-ranging implementation of solutions is of essence. Addressing that need is a key goal of the partnership. Through the sharing of expertise and technical resources, SmartLedger and TAAL will expedite leading solutions at reduced costs to customers in a broad range of businesses and most industry vertical,” said Kal Suurkask, TAAL’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“It is my pleasure to announce that SmartLedger and TAAL have created a strategic alliance to help the blockchain solutions market implement better technology and benefit from faster implementation of state-of-the-art knowhow. Our interest is in the fast spread of blockchain technology, and this agreement is one strong step in that direction,” said SmartLedger Co-Founder & CEO, Shawn Ryan.

For more information, please reach out to www.Smartledger.solutions

About SmartLedger Blockchain Solutions Inc.:

With access to more than 250 patented and other blockchain innovations, SmartLedger helps its customers realize their full potential by implementing customized strategies using ground-breaking blockchain technologies.

About TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc.:

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. delivers value-added blockchain services, providing professional-grade, highly scalable blockchain infrastructure and transactional platforms to support businesses building solutions and applications on the BSV platform, and developing, operating, and managing distributed computing systems for enterprise users. BitcoinSV Blockchain is the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics, data storage, daily transaction volume, scaling ability, and average block size.

Visit TAAL online at www.taal.com.

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