Skinbay sees esports players trade skins in Bitcoin SV

If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress or Z1 Battle Royale and want to trade skins, then you can now do so in Bitcoin SV. If you’re used to gaming and trading in Bitcoin SV, then you’ll know how easy and secure it is, but with 17,700 followers on Twitter alone, Skinbay are more popular than ever with their comprehensive website saving players a nice percentage on the cost of skins compared to Steam.

With the availability to buy and sell knives, rifles, SMGs, heavy weapons, gloves, keys and containers among other items, Skinbay offers users the ability to do so by using Bitcoin SV. Each game has plenty of items for sale, with over 100,000 trades possible in CS:GO alone.

There are some great offers on the website, but if you follow Skinbay on Twitter, then you’ll know that they’re not averse to a lucrative freeroll. This tweet, for example, gave one lucky follower the chance to nab some pretty cool pistol swag:

You can even chat with Skinbay users on Discord to discuss any questions you might have about the process or how it works, as well as finding new buyers for your skins, sellers from whom you can pick up some neat new online swag and make new friends from esports, an industry that is growing and growing.

With last week’s League of Legends online matches bringing in thousands of viewers, recent moves by Rocket League to move Season Nine online and many other esport providers really pulling out all the stops to entertain their fans recently, there’s probably no better time to get into them more heavily.

Traditional sports are now on lockdown almost universally across the globe, so unless you’re heavily into the Belarussian League, the esports sports betting markets are probably very appealing to you now too. Playing the same games you wager on can give you an even greater understanding of them, and of course, there’s never anything wrong with looking the part when you’re in-game.

With items often trading for average prices between the €200-€300 mark, even saving 10% on three items can save you consistent money over the long term by using Skinbay ahead of Steam, for example.

With other less resilient currencies not enjoying the bounce-back ability of Bitcoin SV, with analysts saying in recent days than Bitcoin has the strength to survive the present economic situation, using some of your own Bitcoin SV funds on Skinbay is safe, secure and will save you some money on other methods of currency.

Ready to buy or sell some of your CS:GO, Dota2 or other skins by using Bitcoin SV? Take a look at the Skinbay site now and make your mind up about which skin you’re going to treat yourself to first.

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