Simple Cash review: Easily introducing your friends to Bitcoin

Simple Cash review: Easily introducing your friends to Bitcoin

Do you have a friend or family member that you need to send money to, and you happen to have some Bitcoin SV (BSV) available in your Money Button? Simply Cash, the easy to use BSV wallet, makes it so incredibly easy to introduce someone to the Bitcoin ecosystem and get them set up with their first wallet.

Not too long ago, introducing someone to the digital currency could be a bit confusing. Really, the only way to go about it was to convince them to download a janky looking wallet, teaching them how QR codes or addresses worked, and hoping they didn’t mess something up, sending money into an unrecoverable void.

While interfaces have gotten much better, and several BSV wallets have made the experience much simpler with additions like Paymail and HandCash handles, Simple Cash might have come up with the most user friendly introduction.

Thanks to their Send BSV via URL feature, Simply Cash lets you set up either a single use website to send BSV to a friend, or multiple gift cards you can share with anyone. To do so, simply visit, provide an optional name and description, and swipe the Money Button to load up the new URL with BSV. You’ll then get a URL address you can send to the recipient, who can then scan a QR code to receive the funds.

What if they don’t have a wallet, you ask? That’s where the folks at Simple Cash are ahead of the game. Every URL created through the feature not only presents the QR code, but also provides an easy to follow five step process to download Simple Wallet and receive the funds. That makes introducing a Bitcoin newcomer to the BSV ecosystem incredibly easy.

Just because the app goes by the name Simple Cash doesn’t mean the team behind it aren’t working on some really cool, more complicated tools though. The wallet has multiple recovery techniques, making it an easy proposition for newcomers to keep their funds safe and recoverable. They’ve also added support for offline signing, effectively making it possible to create cold wallets with Simple Cash.

If you are looking to evangelize BSV to some of your less tech savvy friends, there’s not too many better options than giving Simple Cash a try.

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