Signavera founders Brendan Lee and Mo Jaber on The Bitcoin Bridge: Complex services for Bitcoin businesses all in one place

Signavera founders Brendan Lee and Mo Jaber on The Bitcoin Bridge: Complex services for Bitcoin businesses all in one place

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Say hello to Signavera: a new productivity suite developed for Bitcoin businesses to help manage their payments and communications. The sophisticated product is the brainchild of Elas’s Brendan Lee and Mo Jaber. The two men are on The Bitcoin Bridge this week to show off the product that took them just three months of “part time work” to build.

They explain that they developed the suite in response to a gap in the market for businesses looking to host complicated software on their own web domain. Signavera can be deployed at any domain and allows users to easily manage multi-signature accounts and send messages securely.

“Once you have Signavera deployed, you then have the capability to set up accounts that have these kind of multi signature setups that you might need. And so, at the moment we can accommodate anything up to a 10 of 10 signature arrangement,” Brendan said.

The Bitcoin Bridge host Jon Southurst even gets a ‘live’ demo of some of the suite’s features. Catch the full episode to see Brendan and Mo set Jon up with a multi-signature wallet and demonstrate the real-time notifications, co-signing and intra-domain messaging services available.

The suite’s business model cleverly utilises BSV enterprise blockchain’s micropayment capabilities by operating on a pay per transaction basis, which is something Brendan feels strongly about.

“It would be much easier for us to charge a monthly subscription fee but for us, this is the way that we want to use services. I don’t want to pay monthly and then if I decide something is crap, and I don’t want to use it anymore to have it continually drawing from my account,” he said.

The idea is that the transaction fees will get smaller as more and more people start to use the service and it becomes easier to monetise.

Brendan also points out a useful filtering feature, where users can search for a particular email or handle, enabling them to quickly find payments they are looking for. This is particularly useful for Bitcoin SV companies who may be dealing with hundreds of micropayments every day.

Signavera also enables users to export transactions and find out information like the exchange rate that applied at the time of transaction, any messages or any other metadata associated with the transaction.

Elas is currently offering demonstrations to companies interested in deploying the suite of tools and according to Mo, “We’re very, very much looking forward to getting this into the hands of everybody bit by bit.”

Watch the full interview to hear the wide-ranging conversation that covers all of Signavera’s features as well as topics like Solana’s recent outage, the benefits that come from using the BSV enterprise blockchain and Australian attitudes to crypto.

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