Shenzhen mining pool Nourpool mines first BSV block

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On 2019-12-07 at 14:04:55 UTC new Shenzhen-based mining pool, Nourpool, came online as it mined its first block on the BSV network. The 1.3-megabyte block, height #612060, contained 2,485 transactions and earned the four-member team 0.01348642 BSV in total fees on top of the block reward. It was soon followed by the team mining an even larger block at block height #612100 netting them 0.01861747 BSV in transaction fees. 

The pool was founded to provide the next generation of service infrastructure for the BSV network. The team behind Nourpool understands that Bitcoin SV will fundamentally change value creation and transfer in our future society. The pool’s launch is coming at a time when the BSV network is undergoing rapid growth in daily BSV transactions in recent months while also setting records in block sizes. 

The entrance of Nourpool into the Bitcoin SV mining ecosystem further illustrates the recent embrace miners have shown the BSV network. In September, Alina Yao, head of OKEx’s mining pool, declared at a conference in Bejing their pool’s support for the BSV blockchain. OKEx’s teams will work as one to foster growth and development of the Bitcoin SV sector across the world. Their mining pool will take a multi-pronged approach to fully support the BSV market in terms of mining, trading activities, and the market mechanism. 

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