Sex sells: Cryptocurrency penetrates adult entertainment industry

Sex sells: Cryptocurrency penetrates adult entertainment industry

In order to promote their cigarettes in 1885, W. Duke & Sons began putting trading cards of sexually provocative females in the cigarette packs. Five years later, the cigarette manufacturer became the largest in the United States. It’s an established fact that sex sells, and it only makes sense that, today, the popularity of cryptocurrency and sex would come together.

According to a report in the British rag The Sun, strippers in Las Vegas have begun accepting tips in cryptocurrencies. Some even tattoo themselves, temporarily, with barcodes to allow for easier, anonymous tipping. Another advantage of accepting cryptocurrencies is that many banks refuse to allow adult entertainers to open accounts.

The famous Bunny Ranch has also been contemplating allowing payments via crypto. Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch and six other legal brothels in Nevada, understands how his clients want to keep their sexual proclivities as private as possible, and cryptocurrency helps them do just that. In a statement regarding the move to crypto, Hof explained that that when his high-dollar clientele started requesting him “to look into accepting Bitcoin, I took those suggestions very seriously.”

Vice Industries, an online adult platform, takes cryptocurrency acceptance to the next level. Its VIT altcoin is available to users just for watching content. The coins can be used to purchase premium content as well as other services. Both Playboy and Penthouse have already gotten into bed with Vice following its recent initial coin offering (ICO) that raised $22 million.

There are also several dating sites that are looking to marry into the cryptocurrency craze. Hicky and Luna, a dating app based on blockchain technology, began offering its digital currency last month. It promises a true dating experience that uses voice and facial recognition to prevent fake accounts. Users will be able to send messages back and forth only after transacting a small amount of its HKY token.

Despite still being a fairly young industry, cryptocurrency is poised to make its mark in a wide range of commercial sectors. It has the potential to provide key components and protection that fiat currency hasn’t been able to address, while allowing for a great deal of latitude in the user experience.

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