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Sentinel Node enters pilot phase

Certihash’s Sentinel Node is currently being piloted by enterprises and governments, helping them detect network anomalies 4,000x faster than the standard 212 days it typically takes to see a network intrusion.

“Our goals have always been to assist businesses and governments to protect their data and networks from being compromised. With that said, many of the biggest victims of cyber attacks are healthcare facilities, those dealing with finance, and many small and mid-market businesses. Sentinel Node helps these sectors by offering over 4000 percent faster detection, faster than today’s mission-critical detection tools,” said Bryan Daugherty, the co-founder and chairman of SmartLedger Solutions.

Sentinel Node is an agent software for organizations that monitors for unauthorized changes and delivers auditable, real-time alerts if one is detected. Since Sentinel Node detects system breaches in real-time, governments and enterprises save significant amounts of money (the average amount lost in a 30-day data breach is $9 million) while increasing the overall security and resilience of their systems.

“The Sentinel Node platform will benefit any organization that values the integrity of its data and knowing about a breach attempt at the earliest possible time. We are currently giving an open invitation to strategic partners both in enterprise and government to test out the Sentinel Node platform,” said Greg Ward, Chief Development Officer at SmartLedger.

Cybersecurity attack vectors

Some sectors, such as health care and finance, tend to be targeted more than others due to the vast amounts of data and money that can be obtained in an exploit. According to Key Cybersecurity Statistics, a cyber attack takes place every 39 seconds, and cybercrimes have led to damages worth $2 trillion. As the world continues to trend toward digitalization, and more people and processes spend time and take place on computers and smart devices, the number of cybercrimes is on the rise. 

A significant factor in that equation is that businesses tend to under-spend on cybersecurity, with small businesses spending less than $500 on cybersecurity on average. However, the Sentinel Node pilot is giving companies a low-cost way to show that there is immense value and savings that come from optimizing system security.

Sentinel Node is the first of five cybersecurity products that SmartLedger has on its roadmap. In the future, SmartLedger will release cybersecurity solutions related to identity management, protection of assets, breach detection, breach response, and asset recovery.

“The process of introducing new innovative technologies requires an education process to understand the benefits and capabilities of this new system. From my experience, providing a demonstration and pilot project really helps to solidify the concepts. We are excited to continue being the introduction of this tech to more and more enterprise and government partners,” Daugherty said.

Governments and enterprises can join the Sentinel Node pilot program by reaching out to the Smart Ledger team via their website. To learn more about Sentinel Node, the Enterprise Pilot Program, and the government proof-of-concept you can find out more by reading Smart Ledger’s official announcement of these programs.

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