SCA Ontier CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

London law firm SCA Ontier specializes in international commercial disputes and transactions, offering legal advice to major clients including nChain and Dr. Craig Wright.

CoinGeek had a chance to talk to Derek Stinson, a partner at SCA Ontier LLP, to learn more about the work the SCA Ontier law firm does in the Bitcoin and blockchain sector, the presentations they are looking forward to at CG Live, and why SCA Ontier decided to sponsor the upcoming CoinGeek conference.

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what does SCA Ontier do? 

SCA is a full service law firm operating in the City of London. We offer legal advice on a range of legal matters. We have formed a specialism advising major clients, including Satoshi Nakamoto, nChain, and Calvin Ayre on BSV and all matters blockchain and Bitcoin related. 

Our cases are widely publicized including Craig Wright v. Peter McCormack and Craig Wright v. Roger Ver. We also advised nChain and Tokenized on their joint venture following the request for proposal for which the team at Tokenized won. We advise on numerous blockbuster intellectual property matters, financial services regulatory matters, venture capital, and private equity investments. We are specialists in advising on stolen Bitcoin matters and can trace and recover stolen Bitcoin and we will consider conditional fee arrangements such as no win no fee.

When are SCA Ontier’s services a good fit for an individual or business? 

We are lawyers and therefore if a company or person needs legal advice we should be the first port of call. We do not charge for an initial consultation so if you have a question or concern please contact us to discuss your matter free of charge.

What is your favorite thing about CoinGeek Conferences? 

The CoinGeek conferences are professional and exciting. They are extremely well run and big budget. All CoinGeek conferences are run with high energy and everyone is friendly, warm and switched on.

What do you look forward to in the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference? 

We always look forward to the amazing speeches by all well versed in the industry. We love hearing about the future of blockchain and the many use-cases which inspires us greatly.

What are your must-see presentations in the three-day conference? 

We like hearing from the venture capitalists and, of course, we love hearing from Craig Wright himself. The on-stage interviews by Jimmy Nguyen are a must-see.

Why did SCA Ontier decide to sponsor CG Live?

We are very enthusiastic about BSV and its potential. We sponsored CG Live to get the benefits of sponsoring and to support our clients in their BSV adventure. We are big believers in BSV. The legal aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain are very important because they break new ground, establish new law, and raise new questions regarding property, ownership, and virtual assets. 

Many people in the industry have a myriad of different questions, so we are here to answer legal questions and get a dialogue going. We would also like to dispel many of the myths about Bitcoin and blockchain so that we can address misnomers. For example, if you have had your Bitcoin stolen that does not mean it is lost due to the industry being unregulated. Theft is theft and there is a body of law surrounding that so please talk to us to see what can be done to get your virtual assets returned to you.

Make sure you tune into CG Live, the upcoming CoinGeek conference that takes place from September 30th-October 2nd! If you have not already registered for CG Live or are looking for the full agenda, you can find more information here.

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