Satoshi Block Dojo summer barbecue to feature beer, yakitori and special guests

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A launch event for a London-based BSV incubator, Satoshi Block Dojo, will host none other than Dr. Craig Wright.

The event, which takes the form of a free Japanese style summer BBQ is to take place in East London on August 25, kicking off at 6 p.m. till 11 p.m. The event is set to take place at FORA on Folgate Street, just five minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street Station.

Dr. Wright will be joined by Patrick Prinz, managing director at Bitcoin Association, for the event, which provides an opportunity for interested parties to meet and share ideas about developing for BSV blockchain.

The event will also provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to meet with BSV investors, or to find co-founders to help get their projects off the ground. There’s even the chance to win flights to Japan, as well as cash, support and Dojo training for selected projects attending the launch event.

Satoshi Block Dojo founder Craig Massey described the event as an opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs and techies to meet and exchange ideas for building on the BSV blockchain.

“We’re holding a Japanese-themed Summer BBQ with Dr Craig Wright, Free Beer and Yakitori for Blockchain Entrepreneurs, Crypto Developers and smart techies to come along and exchange ideas for our new incubator program!”

Describing the purpose of the Dojo, Massey said he hoped to create a fun, supportive environment for those building the future on BSV blockchain.

“The premise of the Dojo is to provide a fun, supportive environment for startups to create businesses on the BSV blockchain. We give loads of help, advice and support to help you build your business, including helping you meet your co-founder, introducing you to new tools, and introducing you to investors who will be part of your journey.”

Register here to join the Satoshi Block Dojo Summer BBQ.

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