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Calling BSV entrepreneurs and developers from all walks of life: The Bitcoin Bridge talks to Satoshi Block Dojo

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Promising BSV entrepreneurs take note: Satoshi Block Dojo is coming to town. The start-up accelerator for Bitcoin SV blockchain businesses is currently accepting applications for its first cohort of companies. Successful applicants will be welcomed with a £10,000 golden hello and could receive a further £140,000 in backing. Co-founders Craig Massey and Richard Boase are on this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Bridge to chat about this exciting opportunity.

The three-month programme begins next month and there is an event on August 25 to celebrate its launch. Massey and Boase are hosting a Japanese-themed summer barbecue for aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs. Dr. Craig Wright, Patrick Prinz and Craig Massey will all be speaking.

A successful entrepreneur himself, Massey knows just how hard it can be for businesses trying to get off the ground. That’s why he is offering a hands-on experience to start-ups that join the Dojo. The programme will include mentorship, technical guidance, and support with services like website hosting and HMRC documentation.

Massey explains that, unlike other incubators, his team will be getting their “hands dirty.” This is because he wants to ensure that the entrepreneurs can focus on the important stuff: their tech solution or service.

Massey’s experience building start-ups is complemented by Boase’s technical expertise and deep knowledge of the digital currency space. Indeed, presenter Jon Southurst says that Boase was one of the reasons he became interested in Bitcoin back in the early 2010s.

Boase tells The Bitcoin Bridge that one of his motivations for starting the Dojo is a desire to educate people. He wants a broader audience to understand the difference between the cryptocurrency industry and Dr. Craig Wright’s original invention.

Both men are keen for the Dojo to help show the world what BSV is capable of. Massey adds that he is surprised that so few people have caught on to the “enormous” opportunity to work with the BSV blockchain.

In this episode they also discuss their opinions of Dr. Craig Wright, a controversial but compelling figure in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Massey explains that after eight months of research he worked out that Satoshi could not be anyone else. Richard expresses gratitude to Dr. Craig Wright for teaching him so much over the years.

The partners have ambitious plans for the future of Satoshi Block Dojo. They intend to work with 250 start-ups in the next 5 years in the U.K. alone. They also want to take the incubator global with Dubai next on their list.

For now, though, they are focusing on getting the word out and meeting as many developers and entrepreneurs in London as possible. They want to encourage anyone with a good idea or innovative take on blockchain technology to join them and help shape the future of BSV business.

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