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Samsung begins production of 3nm process chips that can be used for block reward mining

Samsung has kicked off production of building the world’s most advanced chip. The chip, which uses a 3-nanometer process with gate-all-around (GAA) transistor architecture, significantly outperforms others in data processing speed and power efficiency.

In its press release, Samsung states that the 3nm production process has been optimized for high-performance, low-power computing applications. Specifically, Samsung said the Gen 1 3nm GAA process offers a 45% reduction in power consumption, 23% increase in performance, and takes up 16% less area compared to the previous leading 5nm process.

Samsung states that it is already working on the Gen 2 3nm that will improve these specifications. According to Dr. Siyoung Choi, president and head of Foundry Business at Samsung, the company is determined to continue to lead innovation in the chip-making industry.

“Samsung has grown rapidly as we continue to demonstrate leadership in applying next-generation technologies to manufacturing… We will continue active innovation in competitive technology development and build processes that help expedite achieving maturity of technology,” Choi said.

According to a report by South Korean news outlet The Elec, one of the first applications of the chip will be for use in block reward mining. Samsung reportedly has a deal to supply the chips to an unnamed Chinese block reward mining rig maker. Samsung has also disclosed that it plans to expand the application of the chips to mobile processors.

Block reward mining chip makers increasing focus on energy efficiency

Samsung is the first to apply the 3nm process to mass-producing chips capable of being used in block reward mining, beating out the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). As noted by Bloomberg, the latter company is billed to begin production of its 3nm chips later this year.

Samsung is not the only semiconductor producer to focus on making energy-efficient chips for block reward mining. Earlier this year, Intel also announced the commencement of production of its high-performance chips named BonanzaMine.

Block reward miner Hive and Jack Dorsey’s Block (NASDAQ: SQ) are among the first companies that will be supplied with the mining rigs later this year. For Hive (NASDAQ: HIVE), the rigs will help it double its hash rate.

At the time, Intel said that the chips improved energy efficiency would help remove the high energy consumption stigma attached to block reward mining and help miners meet ESG goals. 

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