Ryan X. Charles talks about what comes next for Money Button with Bitcoin SV

YouTube video

Blockchain technology is awesome and has the potential to completely revolutionize how the world interacts. However, despite all of its advantages, it is useless without those who provide real-world solutions that are easy to understand and implement. One of these solutions is Money Button, the company started and run by Ryan X. Charles, that is making interacting with cryptocurrency and the blockchain easier than ever. Charles recently participated in an interview with CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero to discuss the Money Button and how it is changing the Bitcoin ecosystem.

When Money Button first began, it was a way to enable micropayments on websites to tip users for content. Since then, it has morphed into a lot more and is now one of the most versatile development applications on Bitcoin SV (BSV). The introduction of a change to the OP_RETURN code that allows for larger data sizes has made a big difference, and Charles explains, “It’s been very exciting watching people do all sorts of things where you can either do things like free blog posts, images, things like that. You can even put apps on the blockchain.”

However, having a platform that is understood primarily by developers will never help advance any blockchain. It has to be understood by users and consumers for widespread adoption, since these are who will benefit the most from the technology. Money Button, along with CoinGeek, nChain and others, are helping to spread the word, and Money Button has been working on the creation of more documentation and high-quality information on how to use the different components of the application to build new, everyday solutions that are beneficial to everyone.

BSV is the original Bitcoin, and the only digital currency that has maintained its adherence to Bitcoin’s properties. To learn more about Bitcoin, CoinGeek invites you to the next CoinGeek Conference, coming right around the corner. It will be held at the Carlu in Toronto, Canada on May 29-30, marking the first time the conference has been held in North America. This is the only event that brings together individuals from all crypto sectors—retail, mining, development and others—and which gives attendees a single point of access to the vast wealth of knowledge offered by industry experts and insiders.

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