Ryan X. Charles: Bitcoin SV can bring sound digital money to the entire world

Ryan X. Charles: Bitcoin SV can bring sound digital money to the entire world

The founder of Money Button and Yours.org, Ryan X. Charles, believes that Bitcoin SV will be the fresh start the world of cryptocurrency needs after the damaging hash wars of the past couple of years:

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“Sadly in many ways, we’re back to square one from an adoption perspective, but at least we have lessons learned, intellectual capital and money available to actually do it right.”

Charles’ vision is of “really radical adoption” in the next ten years. “We’re going to go from the toy phase and the experiment phase and the learning phase into the reality phase – of actually applying this technology for real problems and real businesses and real customers in the real world.”

Part of that reality, Charles hopes, will be the widespread use of his Money Button – a micropayment button that can be added to any website, to facilitate payments, not just to online retailers and content creators, but to any Money Button user too.

The biggest challenge Charles sees is getting new users into the crypto economy. While you can sign up for an Instagram account in a matter of seconds, he says, to start using crypto is a clumsy process involving multiple forms of ID which can take days.

“We need to reduce the difficulty of acquiring and using cryptocurrency,” he says. “It needs to take about a minute. It needs to be that easy and that fast. Ultimately we need the collaboration of other businesses in the industry, but this is a problem that we all share …everybody needs to solve this so we can all grow.”

One near-term solution is to “work in markets where it’s already easier for people to onboard” – such as using the Mexican exchange Bitso, because the onboarding process is less complicated in Mexico. So Ryan is partnering with Mexican companies to use Money Button. We are “ultimately using every trick in the book to allow people to easily acquire crypto”.

In this week’s CoinGeek Conversations podcast, Ryan X. Charles explains his hopes for Money Button, which he hopes can create whole new kinds of businesses – including a new kind of journalism.

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