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RealFlip’s Jaimee Ligan: The Block Dojo Philippines experience is invaluable

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Jaimee Ligan says about her experience at the Block Dojo Philippines’ 12-week program. In her interview with CoinGeek Backstage, she discussed the key takeaways from the program, how she’s using blockchain to solve real-world problems, and her startup’s plans for the future.

Ligan is the founder of RealFlip, a prop-tech startup that seeks to make property purchase and ownership easier, more secure, and more efficient. RealFlip leverages the BSV blockchain for a more transparent process and to offer a secure escrow program and immutable ownership.

RealFlip was one of three startups in the inaugural cohort of the Block Dojo Philippines
program, which culminated in an investors’ night where they showcased their products to some of the leading VCs in Southeast Asia.

Ligan praised the program, noting that she wouldn’t have been able to execute her vision without the team.

One key thing she learned is to execute, she told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran. Most startups get caught up in ideation and fine-tuning their products at the expense of bringing them to market and testing them on potential customers.

Ligan also learned to trust the process, which is one of the Dojo’s guiding principles.

“It’s trusting that all these people (at the Dojo) are there, they have your back, and they will help you make your product the best possible iteration it could be.”

Prior to joining the Dojo, Ligan’s experience with blockchain was limited to trading digital assets. Throughout the 12-week program, she learned how the technology can solve Filipino challenges.

At the investors’ night, Ligan engaged with some of the leading incubators and VCs from Southeast Asia, most of whom were impressed with her startup.

“I’m very excited at the possibilities and would like to keep in touch with the people that I spoke to. So far, from the feedback I got, they acknowledged that it’s a problem that’s
ready for a solution. I hope that our venture will be the solution.”

Some investors who attended the event told CoinGeek Backstage that they resonated with RealFlip because it addresses one of the Philippines’ key industries: real estate. The sector has defied economic trends and has continued to grow, with the average house price shooting up 13% last year.

However, Jaymes Shrimski from AHG Labs told CoinGeek Backstage that real estate is ripe for a digital revolution.

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