Prince Charles finds Bitcoin ‘very interesting development’

When one thinks of British royalty, it’s a bit of a stretch to also think of cryptocurrency. Who would’ve thought that Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and future King of England, would make a statement about how he thought that Bitcoin was a “very interesting development?” Predictably, the out-of-nowhere comment set the Internet abuzz.

During a visit to Germany, the Prince of Wales was continually asked questions about Bitcoin. Initially, he dodged the questions, but would later make the statement about how he was intrigued by the currency. It seems that the word blockchain really caught his attention, inspiring the response.

To many, that seemed to be some kind of Royal seal of approval. @Coindorado posted a tweet about Prince Charles’ response and soon found that the tweet had been liked over 1,900 times and that it had been retweeted almost 500 times.

The intrigue related to the response did not end there. The video of his response earned over 86,000 views and was even embedded on several cryptocurrency related websites.

Prince Charles is visiting Germany on a goodwill tour looking to “extend the hand of friendship” as Great Britain still battles over the move to exit the European Union, Brexit.

Clearly, the use of the word blockchain was a big deal to the prince and has become a big deal in Germany. On March 1, the European Union announced that they were looking to try to set themselves up as the leader in blockchain adoption across the globe. Both Germany and France looked to spearhead the move.

Germany, in particular, had announced that they had opened a blockchain consultation process. As part of that process, the chief executive body explained that they would introduce a blockchain technology strategy that would be released sometime during the middle of this year.

In November 2018, Germany had stopped U.K.-based cryptocurrency dealer Finatex Ltd. from operating in the country. According to an announcement, the trading platform would no longer be authorized to perform transactions within Germany.

There is clearly a growing sense of urgency across Europe for each country to be the leader in this kind of technology, so much so that even Prince Charles felt the need to comment on the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. No word on whether Queen Elizabeth II will have her own statement to be released.

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