PowPing now features translation button

PowPing, a social Bitcoin network launched by prolific developer Unwriter, has quickly become a favorite for many in the Bitcoin world. The platform allows you to easily connect with other users and post text, photos, gifs and more. In the latest update, Unwriter has now added a translation button.

As he revealed in detail in a PowPing post, the machine translation button will be helpful in connecting people across language barriers. The button relies on the widely-used Google Translate.

“It’s pretty seamless on mobile, and on desktop you can just cmd-click or ctrl-click to view translations without losing context,” the developer added.

Unwriter further revealed that he had decided not to build the translate button natively into PowPing as this would be introducing an external service into the app.

“We’re simply using it since Google Translate is already out there for free. Just using it in a decoupled manner. Better solutions will arise in the future,” he said.

The translate button further builds on to Unwriter’s vision of effectively connecting the world with Bitcoin. The use of a Google service is not an ideal solution especially given recent insights into the vulnerabilities of Big Tech, he said. However, “the top priority is to help people connect first. All the idealistic esoteric philosophy means nothing when people can’t connect easily.”

Despite being the youngest social media app on the Bitcoin network, PowPing has already become quite popular. The app allows users to follow each other, post and like other posts for free. However, tipping is allowed.

PowPing is especially appealing to novice users. It allows such users to familiarize themselves with a social Bitcoin network without paying for the basic services. The result is high adoption as one doesn’t require having Bitcoin in order to enjoy the app.

Just recently, PowPing added a ‘Hot feed’ that highlights all the interesting conversations on the platform. Users can view all the posts with high traction—either being actively discussed by most people or whose economies are growing rapidly.

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