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Power Users of BSV – Geir

This is the latest article in a series where we interview actual users of BSV applications to understand which applications they use, what the pain points are and what is needed moving forward to scale and reach mass adoption. The intention of this series is to learn the thoughts of those with “boots on the ground” instead of just the entrepreneurs and developers.

I interview power user Geir, who I have observed has used many Bitcoin SV applications on a daily basis, as well as has purchased many different NFTs.

What is your favorite application built on Bitcoin and why?

Geir: TakeItNFT and Haste Arcade. I love the Take It auction concept where you will earn a profit if you are outbid: Every bidder is a winner, whether or not they end up with the NFT.

The ILP leaderboard technology makes casual gaming a lot more fun, it is just unfortunate that I am terrible at most games…

What application(s) do you use on a daily basis and why?

Geir: Back on September 1, 2021, I started a 30-day blogging challenge hosted by Hona and Bitpost, which had me post a daily blog entry for 30 days (I think I ended up going for 100 days). As part of this challenge, I also committed to taking a daily walk, and posting a daily picture on Relica. Sadly, none of these services are still around, but my daily walks continue, now with a daily picture on LaMint, and I consider this my own, very personal proof of work.

These days, I use a number of BSV services on a daily, or at least frequent basis. In addition to LaMint, the first ones that come to mind are HandCash, Twetch, Tonicpow, RareCandy, RelayX, TakeIt, Haste and Duro Dogs. One thing they all have in common is that I enjoy using them. People say have fun staying poor, but when you actually have fun, negative price movement in the short term is a lot easier to handle.

How long have you been a digital currency user?

Geir: I bought my first 2 BSV on Robinhood on December 11, 2018, so it has been almost 4 years now. On-chain I started out receiving micropayments and entering giveaways, but as more and more ways to actually USE my BSV became available, the itch to get some real money on-chain grew. I made my first transfer from Bittrex to a BSV wallet in October 2021, just in time for the Gopniks NFT launch, and I really haven’t looked back since.

What other digital currencies do you use, if applicable?

Geir: I only use BSV.

What do you think the Bitcoin SV space needs the most?

Geir: I think it is all about getting more users, whether that be individuals or major corporations.

Are you still bullish on the BSV price?

Geir: Yes! I do not know how to read charts. In previous investments my timing has often been wrong, even when my calls were right. However, I have never believed so strongly in any investment as I do in BSV, and I am willing to wait however long it takes for BSV to be appropriately valued. I am very bullish on the BSV price long term.

What overall impact (positive, negative, neutral) do you feel that Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre have on the space?

Geir: I believe that Craig Wright created Bitcoin, and that Calvin Ayre saved BSV, so obviously that means they both have a massive positive impact. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting them, my take is that Craig Wright is brilliant, but very misunderstood and Calvin Ayre seems like a great guy that might not always be very nice on Twitter.

Do you believe BSV needs better marketing? If so, why?

Geir: Yes, everyone does.

It is all about raising awareness. The future success of BSV does not depend on converting the internet trolls, but on businesses and/or regular people using it. BSV is a snowball trying to roll down a hill, with Greg Maxwell and other trolls standing in front of it, desperately trying to hold it back. One truly viral app, or one major corporation starting to use BSV, is all it will take to steamroll the trolls and allow the snowball to take off…

What are your pain points and frustrations when it comes to using applications that integrate Bitcoin SV?

Geir: I do not want to complain. There are many things that could be better, but there has also been truly incredible progress made. One thing that I feel is still missing is the ability to go easily both from your bank account to BSV and from BSV to your bank account with minimal fees. I believe HandCash will have this problem solved very shortly.

What is the biggest risk in your opinion to Bitcoin achieving mass adoption?

Geir: Ignorance. It baffles my mind that anyone would think BTC is Bitcoin, but right now most people do. If none of the right people ever look at BSV with an open mind, we might never achieve mass adoption.

What is a hot take you have on the space?

Geir: I only wish nChain was publicly traded, so that I could invest in their success as well…

What is your favorite NFT collection?

Geir: I have A LOT of NFTs on BSV, so picking one as a favorite is not easy. If you want to buy NFTs as an investment, I think holding BAMS, and renting the maximum of 20 NFTS at any given time through that program is the best way to go. There are a lot of aspects to that program, but to summarize it quickly I would compare BAMS to a mutual fund, and rentals to stock options without the downside.

One underappreciated collection that also deserves to be mentioned is Puggo Sapiens—the attention to detail on that collection is impressive. BSV might not have been ready for it when it was released, but if we achieve mass adoption, this is one collection I think could become very desirable.

Thank you Geir for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope the readers understood more about the space from a daily users’ perspective.

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