Polyglot founder talks making it easier to interact with Metanet

Polyglot founder talks making it easier to interact with Metanet

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The Metanet protocol is poised to be the Internet of the future, one based on the massively scalable Bitcoin SV (BSV) network. And while its utility and benefits for its users are immense, it can be a little daunting for developers to build on. Polyglot is designed exactly for this purpose, striving to lower barriers to entry or everybody and make Metanet fun.

Polyglot emerged third in the inaugural Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon. In an interview with CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero during the CoinGeek Toronto Conference, the man behind the project touched on how he is just making his ‘own little contribution’ to the BSV ecosystem and why BSV is the only Bitcoin project worth building on. New Zealand-based Hayden Joshua Donnelly, a Python developer and an economist, described his project:

Basically we’re seeing a myriad of amazing protocols on top of Bitcoin, and that allows you to do all kinds of things like uploading files to blockchain, identity protocols, all these kinds of things. It’s a humble project (Polyglot), but basically all I’m trying to do is make it as easy as possible for entry level developers to start using this kind of stuff. So I contribute in my own small way.

With the Bitcoin Metanet protocols growing by the day, Polyglot provides developers the easiest way to interface with them. Endpoint management for HTML and web development, identity systems and data carriage are some of the many uses of Polyglot.

The BSV Hackathon is a virtual event, with the contestants being allowed to take part from any part of the world. For Hayden, the time difference – with him residing in New Zealand – proved quite a challenge. He had to begin working at 11 p.m. and went all the way to 3 a.m. After a short nap, he was at it again. He managed to pull it off, with the other contestants in the Hackathon lending a helping hand in the true spirit of Bitcoin.

Hayden became interested in Bitcoin in 2012, but he became hooked three years later after he developed an interest in economics. When he started coding, his interest grew even more as he was now able to grasp some of the finer details and appreciate the brilliance behind the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin SV is going to change the world, he stated adding “Words can’t describe what this is going to do for the world.”

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