GCash AI innovations

Philippines’ GCash AI innovations to enhance financial services, business solutions

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GCash, an e-wallet and digital financial services platform in the Philippines, introduced a suite of innovative features at the recent GCash Futurecast event aimed at enhancing the fintech landscape and elevating the consumer experience.

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash, opened the event with a bold statement about the company’s mission.

“Today, you can expect innovations that will ‘Change the Game’. But, the real game-changer is how we can make a meaningful impact on Filipino lives,” she said, emphasizing its goal to provide access and be a partner in improving financial health and wellness for Filipinos.

One of the key innovations presented was Online PaySafe, a security feature designed to safeguard online transactions. This feature directs customers to the GCash app during payment processes, incorporating multi-factor authentication to mitigate risks such as account takeovers, payment scam links and website spoofing.

AI-powered Gigi: The upgraded help center chatbot

GCash also introduced an upgraded version of their Help Center chatbot, Gigi, powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI). Gigi can now handle common queries, escalate complex issues, conduct security checks, access past conversations, and connect users to live agents when needed.

The event also saw the launch of GScore AI, a feature that assesses users’ creditworthiness and loan eligibility based on their app usage, eliminating the need for additional documentation. Another notable feature is Hyper-Personalized Ads, an ad-serving platform that leverages AI to learn users’ shopping preferences and present personalized offers from GCash partners and merchants.

Leveraging AI for financial literacy and user growth

GCoach AI, an in-app financial advisor, was unveiled as well. This tool uses generative AI to educate users on spending, saving and growing their money. It offers personalized insights and links users to auto-deposit features within the app.

GCash’s Chief Marketing Officer, Neil Trinidad, elaborated on the role of AI in enhancing user experience. He highlighted GCoach AI’s ability to analyze spending and saving habits to provide users with tailored financial advice. Trinidad also mentioned the utilization of AI in GScore, which aids users in accessing loans by offering a reliable credit score. With 94 million users, GCash continues to lead in providing comprehensive financial services such as payments, loans, savings, investments and insurance.

AI-driven solutions for business

In collaboration with Chubb, GCash also introduced Send Money Protect, a service allowing users to insure their transactions against potential scammers for up to 30 days, protecting from fraudsters who might impersonate known contacts or legitimate stores.

Claude Gomez, GCash Head for Marketing Strategy and Insights, emphasized how AI has revolutionized marketing, particularly in targeting, copy and visual development, and performance evaluation. By leveraging AI, businesses can enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency and gain real-time insights.

GCash Partner Investment and Marketing Head Kay Lagman highlighted the importance of adopting AI technology to future-proof businesses in an ever-changing market landscape. The company’s solutions, including Ad Solutions, Promo Solutions, Identity Solutions and Green Solutions, provide effective marketing and data solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

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