Peakside Capital launches real estate fund in Germany

Peakside Capital launches real estate fund in Germany

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On June 12, Peakside Capital Advisors announced that they had launched a new real estate fund that would provide assets somewhere between €15 and €75 million, as they are still looking to raise a total of €200 million ($225 million). This new project would be created using blockchain technology according to the release.

The European investment manager has launched the Peakside Income Fund I, the vehicle used for the ScalingFunds platform. The funds will be directed at office properties originally in first- and second-tier cities throughout Germany. The target areas will receive assets somewhere in the range of €15 million ($17 million) to €75 million ($85 million) with maximum leverage expected to be at 50%.

The use of technology is seen as a great way to enhance the value of the company’s assets. This according to Peakside founding partner Stefan Aumann.

“Specifically, we are looking to utilize the advances in digital technology to increase liquidity and transferability in the property fund sector as well as to broaden our investor base,” the partner explained in the statement. “We can now offer our institutional-quality investment products at smaller minimum investment sizes to qualified investors who would otherwise not have the opportunity to invest with us.”

The use of blockchain technology will be centered around the recording of fund shares. The information will be stored off-line using SANNE, a worldwide provider for companies and individuals needing alternative asset and corporate administration services.

The move appears to be an incredibly smart one according to Brickblock CEO Jakob Drzazga. “The ability to trade fund shares almost instantly creates a new segment between open-end and closed-end funds.”

The move is not just a smart one for Peakside Capital. Germany has been quick to catch on to the fact that this technology can easily be used by both the government and businesses in a wide array of areas. Last month, Germany’s telecommunication network, Deutsche Telekom, announced that they had designed and implemented a new project in conjunction with that listed information from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

In March, Germany joined France in pushing to make their country the leader in the adoption of blockchain technology across the country. Two months later, the government introduced regulations that would allow for the creation of blockchain bonds. This was a dramatic turn of events, as many across Europe expected that the German government would come down hard on this sector, but made a dramatic U-turn realizing the necessity for this kind of technology.

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