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Patrick Prinz: Building the BSV Blockchain’s distribution arm

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain needs to put more emphasis on connecting its experts and developers with potential business users, according to Patrick Prinz of Bitcoin Association. Talking on CoinGeek Conversations, Patrick stressed the importance of creating a ‘distribution arm’ to introduce businesses to the new world of digital transformation. He cites Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company that provides a customer relationship management service as a company that “built an army of outside distributors by incentivizing them.”

He views this kind of business model as a particular opportunity for the BSV blockchain because of its own technical capabilities. “I think we have a unique tool that allows us to incentivize people like never before: it’s microtransactions. You can let people contribute and then reward them in real time as revenue comes in.”

But he also envisages a job that has much in common with existing marketing and consultancy practices. “This is relationship management work,” Patrick asserts. “You can buy the services or become a distribution partner. This is the opportunity that I’m looking at.”

Patrick comes from a financial services and consulting background. He notes that there is a disconnect between the BSV ecosystem and most of the industries it could serve. “In order to bridge this gap,” he says, “it requires people who can translate the technical terminology… who can guide the companies within the growing ecosystem.”

As Europe and Operations Manager for Bitcoin Association, a non-profit that promotes BSV enterprise blockchain, Patrick is also one of the organizers for the upcoming CoinGeek conference to be held in Zurich, Switzerland for three days from June 8.

Staying aligned with the theme of the conference, “Ignite the power of data”, data-driven business models will be highlighted in Zurich. Patrick believes that putting people’s focus on data as opposed to Bitcoin as a digital currency, serves BSV well. As he tells CoinGeek Conversations’ host Charles Miller, the strategy is very clear. “We are building businesses. We’re not doing a marketing pump and dump, so it takes longer and naturally people have to be more patient. But once the foundation has been laid, it’s unstoppable.”

On this episode, Charles and Patrick also discussed Elon Musk’s recent remarks in reference to Bitcoin mining being environmentally unfriendly, on which Patrick comments: “The ecological aspect is a very trendy topic… it requires education on why proof of work is superior… there’s clear incentives and a certain visibility and transparency of the players that is extremely important to the security of the network.”

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