Pantera reaches goal to aid crypto startup companies

Pantera reaches goal to aid crypto startup companies

Pantera have announced they had raised $160 million towards the $175 million they were wanted for their Venture Fund III. While the company is announcing the end is close, they are still encouraging those who are interested in investing to subscribe.

At the end of February, Pantera had announced that they had raised $125 million toward their new venture fund. It took the company less than eight months to reach that mark, and they were expecting to reach the final mark of $175 million by the early part of the summer, which they are way ahead of schedule at this point. There were as many as 50 different companies that were involved in the investment according to reports.

It has been an amazing ride at Pantera Capital. The company was first funded in 2013 as a means to help crypto startup companies. Each of their prior fundings had been used toward helping improve startup companies involved in blockchain technology, security, or cryptocurrency.

According to Pantera, the newest investment will be used to aid 35 different startup companies working with digital currencies. The announcement explained that the average recipient would receive about $3.5 million with an “11% target average equity stake.”

In the company’s release, they explained that the investments would be broken down into five different categories: finance, exchanges, payments, infrastructure, and enterprises. Most of the money will be invested in infrastructure, approximate 35.1%, with the least amount going to enterprises, about 1.5%.

One of the key companies that Pantera Capital will be investing in is Bakkt, a company working on Bitcoin Core (BTC) futures products. This company is expected to launch its products in the very near future as it is expected that there will be dramatic changes in the price of BTC.

The focus of these products will be on halving. According to the release, there are 12.5 BTC released on average every 10 minutes. This means that in a four-year period of time the average block reward for BTC is cut in half.

While there is only a limited amount of information out there regarding halving, the data seems to show that a pattern develops that the price of BTC is directly related to block reward halvings. The company believes, based on the patterns, that a bottom will likely be reached on June 10, 2019, and that the next reward will not occur until May 24, 2020, where the block reward for BTC will drop from 12.5 to 6.25.

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