Nicky Nu explores ‘Sneakerheads on Bitcoin & Business’ on Bitstocks podcast

Nicky Nu, the co-founder of BSV App Testers and co-founder of Genuine Retweets was the latest guest on the Bitstocks podcast.

In Bitstocks podcast episode 38, “Sneakerheads on Bitcoin & Business,” Nu sits down with Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson to talk about all things—from blockchain and Bitcoin, to law and life.

“This whole space, now, for me, is at an all-time high in excitement, especially in the SV space,” said Hudson to kick off the podcast—after he and Nu had a short conversation about sneakers. 

Afterward, Nu went on to talk about the Bitcoin businesses he plays a role in. Nu, who some of you might recognize from Twitter as @TheBitcoinTramp, has been hard at work growing Bitcoin companies. Both of Nu’s businesses empower consumers and allow them to earn Bitcoin (BSV) by participating on the platform. Both BSV App Testers and Genuine Retweets are two of the easiest ways for newcomers and no-coiners to earn their very first bit of Bitcoin.

“Our most recent business broke-even in 12 hours, it’s called Genuine Retweets,” said Nu.

“On Genuine Retweets, we pay people in Bitcoin, automatically, for doing retweets and likes.”

One very unique aspect of Genuine Retweets is that it’s the first instance of influencer marketing on BSV. Genuine Retweets makes it so that any individual with a strong following, and an audience that engages with their account, can receive BSV by using their platform to promote content.

Hudson and Nu also talk about tokens, NFTs, and the law; and Hudson alludes to a Bitstocks iPhone and Android app that seems to be coming soon™.

Outside of their talk about Bitcoin, Hudson and Nu have a very insightful and honest conversation about life; Both Hudson and Nu talk about their upbringings and the lessons they learned from them.

Watch the full episode below:

YouTube video

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