Bomi Mosura CEO of The House of Sounds

New music app Beatlab helps musicians work more efficiently—and happily

Bomi Mosuro says there are “no formulas for creating great music—because it’s an art, not a science.” The CEO of The House of Sounds—or THOSE—admits that in his own experience as a working musician, what some call “freestyling” can be a chaotic process.

That’s partly because today’s music making often involves multiple musicians in different places working on a track at different times. The lack of defined process or workflow when creating a song or an album makes its production complex and inefficient.

According to one survey, without a project management system in place, half of music projects miss their deadlines. Using project management tools, the time spent on the work is cut by about a quarter and—it’s claimed—generate 25 times as much revenue.

With a current publishing deal with Sony Music and over 20 years of experience as a musician, Bomi has set out to tackle these issues and improve the music production process. The first product from his company THOSE will be Beatlab.

Bomi says you can think of Beatlab as “a Trello for music production.” As an end-to-end music production collaboration system, it will let musicians know what is required of them by their team—and, just as importantly, when.

Beatlab could not only produce better music, but also deal with some of the emotional stresses musicians often suffer from. A 2019 survey by Record Union found that 73% of independent musicians struggle with mental illness—one of the main causes being hectic schedules and irregular work patterns.

Bomi says he “knows what goes on inside artists’ minds” and admits he has also experienced severe bouts of depression. With Beatlab, he hopes that his fellow musicians “will have more organized lives and the opportunity to travel and make other plans.”

Beatlab is only the first product from THOSE. There are plans for more, such as Fluid Flow, an AI-powered songwriting tool and Dynamix, a web3 Digital Audio Workstation. They are all aimed at organising and streamlining the work of musicians, helping them achieve the most productive and creative ‘flow.’

THOSE is one of the BSV startups in the current cohort at the London BSV incubator Satoshi Block Dojo.

CoinGeek followed the inside story of Block Dojo’s first cohort for a CoinGeek Originals film, How to Build a BSV Business.

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