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New Function: Asset Trading Has Been Online on the “Cards” of DotWallet

DotWallet is a lightweight wallet designed to help users easily and securely manage their digital assets. It has been the most used BSV wallet worldwide. Recently, it has ushered in a major upgrade after the launch of Badge! That is to say, the functions of “Cards” and “Trading Assets” are officially available to the public. It allows the ordering party to customize their orders and publish “buy/sell orders” to the trading market.

Market Determines the Value of Tokens

At present, the “Cards” and “Trading Assets” functions of DotWallet have been fully activated. The whole process of transactions adheres to peer-to-peer mode. The information of the buyer and the seller is synchronized. DotWallet team said that the “Trading Assets” entry in each asset card will only display the current asset trading market to facilitate users in finding trading pairs they need.

Six Features of “Trading Assets”

The new version supports “Cards” Editing

It is reported that the new version of the “Cards” added the “Edit” function, which supports the editing of asset descriptions and advanced functions. After users release an asset card, they can edit or modify them through the new function. It is worth mentioning that the powerful advanced function of the “Cards” allows users to redirect to blogs, applications, or websites. Experience diverse Bitcoin SV scenarios in one click, which enhance users’ UX greatly. To meet more demands for BSV users, DotWallet team updated “Cards”. Now each card can add up to 5 advanced functions.

The “Trading Assets” function of the “Cards” module of the DotWallet has attracted attention since it was launched. It is not only the further improvement of products and services. Moreover, the function helps to revitalize the token market and improve the efficiency of transactions, promoting the continued prosperity of the BSV community. Every upgrade of DotWallet is full of surprises. In this regard, DotWallet officials also stated that they will put in effort to bring more exciting services to the public!

“Trading Assets” function has been online since April 9
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